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Week of Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Please help stock St. A ndrew's  Pantry with instant and canned potatoes.

Sunday @12:30 p.m. Ben Flanders recital of French Songs in the nave.

Wanted: Interested persons in various capacities. The Profile Gathering last Sunday focused on lay ministry and lay leadership and how it is important for all members to become involved in church ministry and activities, depending on their skills and interests. A large sign-up sheet has been laid out on the stage of Hannaford Hall, asking for involvement in the following areas, which currently need more support and help:
  • Communications: Ideas and skills to do publicity, social media, flyers and signs, and other ways to communicate.
  • Adult spiritual formation: Ideas for Sunday educational programs; also inviting potential presenters, persons to find, coordinate and schedule presenters, think tank for other adult programs possible.
  • Altar Guild: Set-up for Sundays and other worship events, on a rotating basis.
  • Food and hospitality: Under Edy Dreith's leadership, help provide food or coordinate persons and groups to provide food for events and Sundays.
  • Events: Help Edy coordinate new, special, and odd adventures during the year.
The purpose is to be able to offer to prospective rectors a profile and description of Calvary Church as one that supports and sustains a strong lay involvement the church, and to make sure that all persons at Calvary know that they are both welcome to be an integral part of Calvary, and needed for their skills and interests to make Calvary the jewel of the diocese that it is. Please sign up for these and also ask what else you can do to help! If you have ideas to implement a program or event that is not yet being done, let Edy or Joanna know. Our response is, "We will always try to get to Yes."

Wednesday Lenten Program. The fourth part of the Lenten series "Images of Jesus: How we see Jesus and why it matters" will feature the Rev. Robert (Bob) Moore, who will give us insights into  Jesus: calm and healing. The event begins with Taize worship with music at 6:00 pm in the church, followed by supper in Hannaford Hall at 6:30 and the program soon afterward.

Confirmation class continues with the second of the series of four classes this Sunday, March 26 in the Burton Room at 12:00 noon. The topic will be "Two or seven: How many sacraments are there anyway?" We will be learning about...the sacraments! Why are the important to us? Learn some fascinating facts about the sacraments from the perspective of the Episcopal Church. 

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From the Interim Rector

Gardens to Cultivate or Kill

It's spring, and I love the flowers blooming all over town, and especially in my yard.

The trouble is, I hate gardening. I resist cultivating the garden. I don't like the hard work, the drudgery of pulling weeds and pruning old dead branches. I don't like that I often can't tell the difference between a weed and a legitimate flower because hey, the flowering weeds look pretty nice. I don't like looking at my floppy flowers, the dried-up old flowers, and the holey leaves that are marks of well-fed insects. It doesn't help that I neglect to water my garden. When I come home, I just want a little time to relax.

If life is like a garden, I love the blossoming of a deeper spiritual life. The trouble is, I sometimes resist cultivating it. With my busy schedule, my natural laziness, and my desire for "just a little time to relax," I resist doing the hard work of spiritual discipline. I don't like the drudgery of fasting and pruning old habits from my life. I don't like that I often can't tell whether I'm being indifferent or prudent when I refuse to give money to a panhandler. I don't like looking at my weak faith, my dried-up prayers, and my meditative practice full of holes. And as with my garden, it doesn't help that I neglect to feed my soul by reading and meditating on Scripture.   

Eventually, I realize that I like having a beautiful garden, so I do the work. And I also realize that I like having a deeper spirituality, and so I do the work. And in both cases, the work ends up being not only fulfilling but enjoyable.

Who would have thought?


Joanna's cell phone number is available for members' pastoral emergencies. If you are being hospitalized, are having surgery, have a death in the family, are experiencing a personal crisis, or have been arrested, please call Joanna at 859.803.0665. 


Tender Mercies  March 26, 4:00 p.m.

Music News
 -  Howard Helvey  


With any questions regarding the Choir and/or the Choral Scholar program, please contact the organist/choirmaster, Howard Helvey: or 513-476-3261

Sunday School and Family News

Sunday School


This past week we continued our Faces of Easter series.  We heard about Jesus' important work and his last meal with his disciples.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

Family News

Thank you to everyone who came to Game Night! 
We had good food and good fun.

Our next event will be Movie Night in April.  Check back for details!

Family Worship Service

We have been awash in enthusiastic participation! Thank you to everyone who has been adding to our music lately.  It has really been a joyful noise!  

Please know that we are adding some quieter alternatives to the instruments for children to use during the service.  Look for the baskets of activity pages and soft toys!

Thank you also to our new worship helpers for greeting people as they come in and making sure that our service runs smoothly. If you are interested in helping in this way  or for more information please contact Kelsey at (614)787-1720 or

If you are able, please sign up for a Sunday coffee hour.  The snacks you all provide for after the service are a welcome addition to our fellowship time.  A sign up sheet is posted on the bulletin board near the kitchen.


We have recently begun to start the 9:30 service promptly in order to allow the Sunday School children their full time in class between services.  Thank you for your help. 

Please come and talk to any of the worship team members if you have any ideas for our community or would like to join the team.

Current Team Members:
Kelsey Logan
Joanna Leiserson
Helene Ault
JJ Engelbert
Sally Engelbert
Helen Jones
Janet Keller

G racious Father, whose blessed Son Jesus Christ came down from heaven to be the true bread which gives life to the world: Evermore give us this bread, that he may live in us, and we in him; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
If you would like to add someone to the Prayer List please contact the Parish Office
Prayers for strength, healing, and other requests for prayer from parish members and friends of the ­larger community:
Lydia Karlo, Brandon Davis, Paul McCauley, Marilyn Fietz, Ingrid Grupp, Carol Ann Edmonds, George Ann Wesner, Kate French, Eve Rowe, Jeanne Leo, Kitty Clark, Charles Parsons, Reed Coen, Sharon Grayton, Miriam McKenney and Maurine Sierveld, Mary Ann Bragg, Lauren Gleason.


See you at Church!



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