Campaign Update

4th Ward Friends,

I'm writing to let you know that I won't be filing for re-election to the Lansing City Council.

Some of you may know that I have been experiencing significant pain in my left shoulder, arm and wrist for some time. After recently making the rounds to numerous specialists, I was diagnosed with a condition called adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, which has led to dislocation of a few ribs along with tears in the deltoid muscle and tendinitis in much of the arm and shoulder.

The good news is that adhesive capsulitis is completely curable.

The bad news is it requires six months of intense therapy and joint and muscle injections, and working with osteopathic manipulation folks to re-locate the ribs. Then, depending on the outcomes of those interventions, I may still need to undergo laparascopic surgery and/or procedures to break up scar tissue that has developed. I’m optimistic that if I work hard in physical therapy, I can avoid the surgical options. I’m eager to begin this process right away and commit myself to the work I need to do in physical therapy.  

Unfortunately, I cannot undergo an intense therapeutic regimen, work full-time, be present for my family, represent the 4th Ward on City Council, and meet my own expectations for an aggressive       re-election campaign. I love the adrenaline, strategy, teamwork and competition of campaigning. That said, I cannot sustain the level of commitment the people of the 4th Ward deserve and still have time for the hard work to ensure a full recovery and a return to public service.  

I intend to fulfill my ongoing duties as 4th Ward City Councilperson through the expiration of my current term, and I will be watching with great interest as the election campaign unfolds.     

The Fourth Ward is the best place to live in the world. The people who live here are the best people I know. Residents are more organized, cohesive and powerful than ever before. Neighborhood groups are active, driving remarkable changes, and continually committing acts of kindness and creativity – large and small – that bind us as a community. I know that, together, we have been cultivating “sleeping giants" – leaders who will work to represent all of our interests collectively and astutely, regardless of our age, income, or other forms of difference.  

For those who have already made campaign contributions, I will connect with each of you to find out if you would like your pro-rated contribution returned to you (accounting for the campaign expenses we’ve already incurred), or if you prefer a donation to a reputable charity.  

It is an honor to represent you. I look forward to continuing to work with you. I encourage you to stay subscribed for email updates, as I imagine the next few weeks are going to be very exciting for all of us.

With affection and gratitude,


This email funded by People for Jessica Yorko, 815 Bancroft Court, Lansing MI 48915 - Tim Kaltenbach, Treasurer