Fascinating Dialog Between Ravich and Tilson
New Conference Facebook Event Page

Joe Nathan Column: Courageous, Award-Winning Student Speeches
By Joe Nathan

The student's essay begins: "'You're not going to amount to anything. You're nothing but a half-breed bitch.' These are the things that are said in a place I'm supposed to call home. Home is a place where I'm supposed to feel accepted, safe. But to me, home is appropriately called hell, for many reasons."

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New Conference Facebook Event Page and New Conference Site!!
Our webmaster has designed a completely new conference site.  He has also designed a Facebook event page

This should help clarify what will be happening at this year's AERO conference (August 3-7, Portland, OR). Later this week we will announce the new site with the new conference rates, so the time to register is now! 

To check out the new conference website go here.

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New from Lynn Stoddard: Let Teachers Teach: Education That Magnifies Individual Differences

What would American culture be like if teachers had been respected and trusted enough to determine the learning needs of each student and help him or her develop unique talents and use them to benefit society?

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Where Whitney Tilson and Diane Ravitch Agree
Ed: Whitney Tilson runs a hedge fund, promotes charters and sits on the KIPP board. Dian Ravitch has been a key critic of Common Core and high stakes testing. They argue and disagree on a lot. This was an attempt by him to see where they agree!

By Whitney Tilson

I've had a lot of interesting conversations in my life - and this ongoing one with Diane Ravitch certains ranks up there.

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The Self-Organizing Revolution E-Book  on Sale Through Sunday.
Ron Miller has been involved with diverse educational alternatives for more than 25 years, as a teacher, researcher, activist, editor and author. In The Self-Organizing Revolution, he reflects deeply on his experiences and observations. He identifies five core principles that are shared by various groups of educational dissidents, and explains how a grassroots movement for educational transformation, grounded in these principles, is spontaneously emerging.

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