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Want to light up the night at an epic festival where it's all about fire and fireworks?
And can you party like a Viking? The Nords are waiting for you.
Las Fallas
Light up the Night


When you think of a festival, images of ferris wheels and candy floss flash before your eyes. Maybe music and beer-swilling crowds.

Las Fallas But not 2-storey tall puppets filled with fireworks roaming streets, as crowds call for their destruction.

The 5-day festival draws a huge crowd, taking the small city's population from 1 million to 3 million.


Find out here what festival this is.. read on >



VikingsParty like a Viking!

Nordic Rock tour now incl. Copenhagen's Viking Pub Crawl, an epic night that will have you partying with the Nords.


On this tour you'll quench your thirst in Iceland, Denmark and Germany at some of the finest bars and clubs they have to offer.


- Reykjavik, Iceland
- Copenhagen, Denmark
- Hamburg, Germany

- Baltic Open Air concert in Schleswig, Germany


Just 4 weeks left until Mates Rates end! (scroll down for details)


Thirsty? Contact us today.




Euro Hard'n'Fast 2012Oktoberfest tour


Just a few spots left on Euro Hard'n'Fast, the best Oktoberfest adventure in Europe.


- Oktoberfest

- Maria Alm, Austria

- Prague, Czech Republic

- Bamberg, Germany

- D�sseldorf, Germany


Girls get free upgrade to single room throughout! 


Bookings close in May. 

Contact us today for details.


Is this Heaven?
Thirsty travellers sipping drinks at this slice of heaven in the Alps. See how they handle the Austrian Schnapps at 0:15 min :)
A Slice of Heaven
A Slice of Heaven
World Thirst - Lagoon Bar


Lagoon BarAt this quirky little bar you don't even need to leave the water when bathing.


Located about an hour out of Reykjavik, you can literally swim up to Lagoon Bar and order pints of brew, wine or cocktails.

 Lagoon Bar

Bikini-clad waitresses bear trays of each while you're relaxing neck-deep in the milky-blue, perfectly warm water. It's pure bliss.


What to drink: Their unique Electric-Blue cocktail.

Guzzle your way to World Thirst for more epic watering holes.

Next month, you'll visit a tiny pub in Holland with a huge choice of beer, and get some great tips on La Tomatina festival in August.
Stay thirsty,
Thirsty Swagman Team
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Thirsty Traveller 

A big cheers from April Moynihan (USA), downing a brew at Busch Garden amusement park in Tampa, Florida.
Having previously climbed a tree on a TS tour (details omitted), it's no surprise to see her at a park that has plenty of them :)
Rock on April


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Travel Fact


More people watch comedy on in-flight entertainment systems than all other movie categories combined.



Words from Smash!


There are only two times when I drink beer, when I'm alone and when I'm with someone else. 



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