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One of the most common frustrations I hear from people is feeling stuck...stuck in their career, stuck in emotional pain, stuck repeating sabotage patterns, stuck and frozen in fear, or stuck in lack.


In order to shift the resistant energy that is stuck, we need a powerful nudge! Usually this shows up as life-altering trauma, chaotic drama or external emergencies beyond our control. This creates uncertain and worrisome living conditions that contribute to stress, illness, depression and hopelessness! 


Like many others, I was drowning in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain...looking for solutions to liberate my stuck energy. Twenty years later, I realize my greatest wound is linked to my greatest gift! My insatiable yearning to break free of my personal prison led me to the first in a series of Spiritual Awakenings.


What if told you I discovered a 'Life Tool' that you could use anytime you needed to shift stuck energy and open up new opportunities? I had stumbled upon ancient knowledge dating back thousands of years in Egyptian Mystery Schools on how to shape-shift and transform energy. I had no clue about the power encoded in this 'Life Tool'...that came gradually over years and years of practice.


And now I am excited to offer a comprehensive Training Program on how to use this powerful 'Life Tool'...the Quantum Vortex! The ancient knowledge I discovered many years ago resembles recent theories in quantum physics research - that everything in our Universe originates from energy, from the vast spiraling galaxies down to the molecules in our cells. Our physical world of matter is a result of interfering energy waves, vibrating at certain frequencies (hertz). The Egyptians called matter 'frozen music'!


If we find ourselves locked in limitation, we need accelerated momentum to increase our vibration frequency range and shift the stuck energy. All physical matter materializes from the angular momentum of swirling energy. Time and space is experienced in linear sequence by the left brain, so we need to activate our right brain to expand beyond the 3D material world.


So how do we do this? The Quantum Vortex is the universal technology that provides the mechanics to accelerate and bend space/time... which opens our awareness beyond our physical world and unlocks us from the limitations of linear time and stuck energy. The ancient mystery we are remembering involves the holy grail of sacred geometry and universal harmonics, and the perfect combination that shape-shifts energy. The transformative spin of the Quantum Vortex is constructed from a series of harmonics with wavelengths that comply with the Golden Mean (Sacred Geometry of Phi) version of the Fibonacci sequence and the sacred geometry of Metatron's Cube. This sacred geometry can be found engraved in ancient temples all around the world.


Only one particular frequency signature (Golden Mean Symmetry) will activate an eternal circular motion in energy as self-organizing, nourishing and alive - as the fountain of Creation! When you experience that perfect connectivity of electrical waves flow through you in the Phi Harmonic Spiral of the Quantum Vortex - you have achieved Bliss! This is the alchemy of our Universe!


When we use the powerful Quantum Vortex technique, we are creating a portal for the Soul to descend into the physical mind/body. By spinning in the  Quantum Vortex, we can transform the mind, body, spirit consciousness to gradually pulse at a higher frequency, now nourished by a new, sacred "food" source.  


For the past decade I have been sharing these dramatic finding with private clientele and with global audiences in Telesummits, Webinars, Group Healing Activations, Speaking events, Trade Expos, online radio shows, blogs and articles.  Discover the Universal 'Life Tool' and experience the sacred activations of the Quantum Vortex, so that you too can awaken your Light Body!  


To learn more about this "Life Tool" and how to apply it in your personal transformation, I am offering a 12 Week Quantum Vortex Training Program, starting March 21st. Learn how to:


1) Unlock feeling stuck and open the flow of Life Force Energy

2) Integrate fragmented mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects into Union

3) Raise your frequency above 7 hertz of dense, stuck energy

4) Activate the right brain skills of intuition, visualization, multi-dimensionality

5) Spin out all energy blocks, sabotage patterns, shadow consciousness

6) Connect to Higher Self and receive continual stream of guidance and support  

7) Activate your Light Body and Soul Blueprint 

5) Become your own guru, self-healer and best friend 


In this comprehensive Training Program you will learn how to utilize the power of the Quantum Vortex to break free of stuck energy and alter your current life reality. If you have the calling to be a Healer, you will learn how to integrate the Quantum Vortex in your healing practice and take it to the quantum level!


Sample the profound power of  Quantum Vortex energy in this Replay of my recent Activations


Sign up for the 12 Week Certificate Training, and accelerate your personal ascension and activation of your Soul blueprint. Learn more about this extraordinary Teleseminar at:


Meg Benedicte


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