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St. Jerome's stands as people of God, with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We are here to represent Christ to all people, act as good stewards to all of God's creation and support each other by sharing our strengths as we continue God's work in the world.
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Tuesday Study at 10:30AM

Dear Brothers  and Sisters in Christ:

Read Romans 10:1-15

In this letter to the church in Rome, we have seen Paul lay bare his soul as he openly wrestles with his strict religious formation as a Pharisee and his new found relationship wiht Christ. As we read Chapter 9, some of our misconceptions were cleared up. In verse 8, Paul wrote, "This means that it is not the children of the flesh who are children of God, but the children of the promise who are counted as descendants." In other words, one need not be a direct descendant of Abraham to be counted as a child of God, which is what Paul had been taught throughout his formative years and why he persecuted Christians with such zeal - until he met Christ!

Now, we move on to Chapter 10 where Paul amlifies this teaching by expressing that the Jews were zealous, but without proper knowledge. The path to eternal life with God lies through a relationship with Christ Jesus. This pathway is open to all, because God's deepest desire is for all of us to step through the open door (or arch as pictured above) into an eternal relationship with the living God. 


Reflect on your own spiritual journey. 
Do religious routines sometimes distract you from the wonders of God's grace?

Have you ever been so zealous about having people do things the "right" way, that you, and they, have missed the joy of a living relationship with Christ Jesus?


What does this mean for us?

Read, Pray, Reflect. Then, Come and Share!

Since I post this study on Face Book as well as the St Jerome's website, I invite comments and questions from any of you who are not able to be physically with us, but find this study meaningful and would like to be a part of it. Please feel free to contact me at

Bless you all,
Fr Colin Kelly

Fr. Colin Kelly
St. Jerome's Episcopal Church 
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