International House needs your support to continue transforming hundreds of lives each year with our law clinic and educational programs for refugees, asylees and other immigrants. 

Your donation will help some of Charlotte's newest and most vulnerable residents become self-sufficient citizens. 

This holiday season, as you celebrate with family and friends, please consider donating to International House to help us sustain and expand our unique services.

We also accept stock donations! 

If you're interested in this tax-friendly donation option, simply reply to this email and we'll be in touch.

Please visit our website to learn more about International House!

You can help a Newcomer...

  • Learn English for a $100 donation
  • Gain Citizenship for a $250 donation
  • Received legal representation for a $500 donation
  • Send a child to our summer literacy school for a $700 donation
  • Bring their family to Charlotte for a $1,000 donation

Learn more about all the unique programs and services we offer here.