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Pathways To Peace Needs Your Support
What's your vision for peace? In this season, peace is on the lips and in the hearts of us all. Around the world, peace building has never been more important and we need your help! 

Real peace often works through relationship, collaboration, and cooperation - person to person, organization to organization, through the synergy that comes from collaborative action.
At Pathways To Peace (PTP), we know that peace will prevail when people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and experiences can peacefully co-exist and work together to achieve common goals and secure basic rights for all. 

It's time to pause and be grateful for the work that has been done.  Support from people like you have made it all possible! Thank you - you are a pathway to Peace!

For almost 40 years, PTP has been leading and inspiring
global peacebuilding and acting to make peace a practical reality for millions around the world. PTP inspires, builds, and develops peacebuilders and peacebuilding organizations and initiatives. PTP's collaborative approach unites  and mobilizes the strengths of organizations, networks, projects, and people to create  a global culture of peace.   

Pathways To Peace is an Official Peace Messenger of the 
United Nations

How can we activate peace around the globe? As an official Messenger of the United Nations (UN), PTP consults and partners with UN councils, centers, and agencies to keep a spotlight on peace and to make our world safe and just for all its citizens. PTP led efforts to launch the United Nation's International Day of Peace in 1981. Today the International Day of Peace brings a message of peace and hope to hundreds of millions and is a lifeline to peacebuilders around the globe. 

Pathways To Peace is Building a Global Culture of Peace

Can you feel the shift? You are a part of a movement toward a more peaceful, safe, and just world. As we find new and nonviolent ways to interact with each other, make decisions, and resolve our conflicts, we contribute to a movement that is changing the face of our planet. PTP recognizes that everyone has a stake in peace, and each of us can bring our passion to peace through one or more of the eight Pathways To Peace.   PTP seeks to support and sustain peace, locally and globally, through education, consultation, mentoring, and incubating peacebuilding initiatives and organizations.
PTP works in collaboration to unite the strength of global peacebuilders into a solid movement that makes peace a practical reality for future generations.

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Pathways To Peace Makes a Difference

How does Pathways To Peace build peace? PTP is a recognized leader in the development of hundreds of organizations and initiatives that are successfully harnessing the power of people and resources to bring innovative peacebuilding tools and resources to communities, cities, states, and nations. 

PTP lives at the core of peacebuilding and is a hub to inspire and launch peacebuilding organizations and initiatives. PTP is the first to be called if you're venturing into the realm of peacebuilding and your call is always answered. There are so many stories that could be told about the difference PTP makes to build, support, and promote peace and peace builders, here in the United States, and around the world.  

The following excerpt is from a letter from Rev. Canon Charles P. Gibbs, Founding Executive Director Emeritus, United Religions Initiative:

 "Over the years, Pathways To Peace has given rise to extraordinary celebrations of and hard work for peace at the United Nations and internationally on every continent, including helping to launch countless peacebuilders and peacebuilding organizations. In a world where it is so easy to despair, all of this engagement creates an air of hope and possibility that inspires the imagination and stirs deep commitment to positive action for peace. In this season of transformation and new possibilities, let us take the opportunity to honor such selfless service to humanity by completing the circle of giving."  

In another letter from Hiroo Saionji, President, The World Peace Prayer Society:

"I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the work you have done on behalf of our common goal of a world of peace and harmony for every living creature that shares our beautiful planet.  You are an extraordinary networker, and have introduced us to countless people of commitment and action who have helped us to further our projects all over the world.  Pathways To Peace continues to support the activities of The World Peace Prayer Society and offers wisdom in support of all our activities, including The Peace Pole Project, The Global Link Teleconferences, May Peace Prevail On Earth Business Alliance, and The World Peace Prayer Ceremony."

We Are Growing and Changing

Over the years, PTP has grown and evolved its programs and services to meet the opportunities and demand for peacebuilding. It's now time to grow our capacity to serve and do more. The PTP Council of Directors has determined that it is time to hire an Executive Director to guide, direct, and support our programs and operations. We have found our new Executive Director and will be introducing her to you soon. Our President and Co-Founder, Avon Mattison, will work with our new Executive Director and continue to lend her leadership, talent, and support to our many partners, organizations, and initiatives. We are so grateful to Avon for her uncompromising passion for peace and her extraordinary ability to bring peace into reality. 

Please Join Us

More than ever, we need your support. Help us respond to the resounding call for peace, to bring essential support and resources to those with a passion for peace and a commitment to act, and to inspire hope for a peaceful future. As a donor, you become a key member of a community of like-minded individuals. You will receive monthly newsletter updates on the progress of our strategic plan and see first-hand how your contributions are effecting change. While gifts of any size are greatly appreciated, in this season of peace, we are asking you to give a little more so more can be done.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to awakening the inherent potential for peace within all of us.

With deep gratitude, We thank you and We wish you peace.

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More Stories About Pathways to Peace Initiatives ...

 "The complexity and darkness of human trafficking can make it a difficult cause for people to rally around. Operation Big Sister (OBS) seeks to change the conversation about sex trafficking in a way that breaks down barriers and invites dialog by telling the story of average, everyday people who stood up and found a way to make a difference. Operation Big Sister is a true story inspired by 85 anonymous Icelandic women, representing average everyday people from all walks of life who instigated a successful sting operation to deter human trafficking in Iceland. It was an honor to co-present at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Our global partners inspire, motivate, and contribute to the efficacy and success of this important work - together we will make this a better, safer, and more peaceful world!"  - Sheva Carr, CEO, Executive Director, Fyera! and the Fyera Foundation Sunflower SunPower Kids 

"In an Ashland, Oregon coffeehouse conversation with some colleagues in 2013, I found myself sharing information about The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI). This was the first time my colleagues had heard the terminology "culture of peace" and they were intrigued. We found that many Ashland community members were committed to building a peaceful community. The Ashland Culture of Peace Commission 
(ACPC) was launched on September 21st, 2015 (the United Nations International Day of Peace). We've engaged our Chief of Police, Editor of the daily newspaper, head of the public library, and many others as Peace Commissioners. We've touched all sectors of the community! Today, ACPC is recognized as a model program that will be replicated through International Cities of Peace and NGOs associated with the UN. Thank you Pathways To Peace, the Culture of Peace Initiative, and Ashland peace leaders - you've changed the face of our community and made peace an emerging reality for Ashland, Oregon." - David Wick, Pathways To Peace Council of Directors, and ACPC Executive Director

Your tax deductible contribution at any level is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Directors at Pathways To Peace,

Avon Mattison, President
Sheva Carr, Co-Vice President
Robert Browning, Co-Vice President
Alain Gauthier, Director
David Wick, Director
Masankho Banda, Director
Joanie Ciardelli, Director Emeritus 
Tezikiah Gabriel, Incoming Executive Director

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