So, we’ve been pretty busy
Our beautiful movie, Even in Death , has collected laurels throughout its film
festival run, taking home top prizes at deadCenter, EyeCatcher, and Barebones
in Oklahoma and at AutFest in Los Angeles.
This film became a reality because of you and your support.

Even in Death is now available to the general public! You can view the film on demand for $2.99 or purchase your own copy for $5.99 from Vimeo . This family-friendly short film was made by four professional mentors and 15 young adults on the autism spectrum. You can now enjoy this beautiful work of art that tells a tale of life, love and loss through the eyes of a young boy anytime you’d like.

Thank you for helping make this dream a reality. We celebrate and share its success with you!

What are we up to now?
We are preparing to begin filming our next movie, The Girl and The Green Sword , written by Bruce Fry from Invisible Layers Productions. This live action follows the story of Felix, a socially awkward young man who works for a
popular website about “freaky” stuff. After his heartless boss gives him one
week to find someone “freakier” than he is, he stumbles upon the also
awkward Wendy. Although she seems strange, Wendy is able to show
Felix who he is as person and as a friend.

Check us out on and be a part of our movie-making magic!

That’s a wrap!
Thank you for your support!

Invisible Layers Productions