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Perth 2011

 December 2011


Fleet Racing Washed out - Day 2


After a protracted wait ashore the race organization quite justly called the day at 14:30 as a lightning storm simply would not vacate the region. 

"Safety was the ultimate concern today," Competition Manager Skip Lissiman explains. "The electrical storms posed too big a danger to sailors on the water." Locals joked that this is the first significant rain in ages and of course, the age old line of, "it's never like this here" was heard repetitively around the boat park. 3 races will be scheduled for tomorrow in an effort to get back on schedule although similar conditions are expected until Friday.


More from Perth when Canadian action resumes.





The first week of racing concludes with Medal Racing on December 11th, followed by the second week fleets wrapping up on the 18th of December. Full results can be found:


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