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December 8, 2015

Dear Valued Provider,

This notice is being sent in order to bring your attention to an update in the Cancel At the Door Policy of National MedTrans Network.

As it currently stands, providers call into our call center in order to be properly reimbursed when a trip is Cancel At the Door. We understand this can become time consuming and difficult. National MedTrans Network has listened to your suggestions and delivered.

National Medtrans Network has created a Cancel At the Door ticket that is linked directly to our website. Our providers can simply log into our website ( ) and fill out a brief form that is sent to our Claims Team for review. The form will then be processed in the National MedTrans Network system, allowing you to invoice for the Cancel At the Door within your respective billing processes. It is preferred that the your organization complete the Cancel At the Door form the same business day in which the cancellation occurs.

Please use the following  direct link to access our Cancel At the Door form: ( ). You will need to click the Cancel At the Door button to access the ticket directly. Please save this website to your browser for future reference.

National MedTrans Network appreciates your continued feedback, and thanks you for your cooperation as we implement new processes in order to transport our members to better health.


National Medtrans Network Provider Relations Team

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