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Helping special needs children have a better quality of life                                    Fall 2015

Calendar of Events

December 19th
Dutch Bros. in Grants Pass. Come on out to get your coffee, support Canine Angels and meet Dutch.

Canine Angels would like to thank those who supported this year's
Team Training & Graduation

Evergreen Federal Bank
Schmidt Family Vineyards
Parkway Christian Center
Bobbi Cox & Sharon Davis
Donna & Danielle Moore
Lynne Evans
Cheryl Bright
Sunny Schultz
McKinley Schultz
Jack & Marcella Lynch
Applegate Animal Hospital
RCM Classic Car Repair
Ginger Adrian
Figaro's Pizza
Jan & Frank Thornquest
Canine Club
Casablanca Coffee & Grill
Canine Camp
Allen Creek Subway
Heide Wilson
Maureen Campbell
Jan Thornquest
Linda Whisler
Lindsey Estabrook
Giff & Chris Gates
Christina & Butch Martin
Hope Adrian
Pita Pit
Harry Richter & Beth Kemp
Lyn Belingheri
Rogue Valley Mall
Monika & Bob Gortz
Steve Thomas
Grange Co-Op
Cecilia Obeso
Fred & Jean Hall
Kerrie Walters
La Burrita
Bob Lieberman
Olive Garden
Sportsman's Warehouse
Grange Co-Op
Southgate Cinemas
Jim Bell & Family
Jennifer Killinger
Barbara Mahan
Fred Cohen

All those who participated
in the Countdown to Graduation Raffle 

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Kennel Wish List

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Congratulations Class of 2015

Just thinking about this year's team training and graduation brings a smile to my face. Comprised of 3 young adults and 2 kids, this years class did a great job of being prepared on day one of team training. It was obvious that they'd read their manuals ahead of time and were anxious to get to work. Hope, Jon and Kelsey were our three young adults who had the sometimes exhausting task of attending ALL the lectures and dog handling, while Lucia and Nicholas were able to rest (and play) while their parents sat in on lectures. But believe me, everyone was always ready to jump in and participate when it came to handling the dogs.

    Hope and Pizookie ~ Hope is no stranger to Canine Angels. She is a past graduate who has served as Graduate Mentor for several years. Although she'd expected to have to wait for a year or two to receive a successor dog, fate had a different plan and she was reunited with Pizookie, the pup she and her family had raised for Canine Angels. Pizookie has become her constant companion and best friend.

           Jon and Churro ~ Jon arrived in Grants Pass shortly after graduating from UC Berkley and has begun law school with Churro by his side. This is Jon's first service dog, but you'd never know it by the way he handled the dogs during team training. He impressed everyone with his ability to quickly master the concepts and commands. Always quick to encourage and willing to mentor the younger graduates, it was an absolute pleasure to watch Jon shine.

     Kelsey and Mousse ~ Kelsey, another one of the young adults in team training came to Canine Angels seeking a successor dog since her previous dog (from another program) was retiring. What made this team training different for Kelsey was the fact that she was now an adult and was seeking to pass the public access test without the assistance of her mom. She instead learned to provide the needed leadership for both her dog and the aide(s) who would assist her in the future.

         Lulu and Dulce ~ Lulu is a lively eight year old who is inquisitive, bright, motivated and determined. She was always quick to run the dogs though whatever exercise was at hand and by doing so, kept our "pupparazzi" (aka photographer) exercised as well. With Dulce by her side, waiting her turn to run the obstacles courses was a piece of cake.

     Nicholas and Eclair ~ Nicholas is an absolute sweetheart with a sunny disposition. He is quick to offer his honest opinion all all times and kept everyone laughing (and crying) with his profound heartfelt comments. It was clear early on that Eclair had chosen "his boy" and the two of them are adorable together. 

                Ali and Fritz ~ 
Ali and her pal Fritz were paired together prior to team training. They can be found hanging out together at home.

            Breeder Halo ~
Halo was lovingly raised by Julie & Emily Booth, bred by Power Paws Assistance Dogs and graciously sponsored by Bill & Margarita Hetzel. 

Looking forward to some beautiful puppies in the future.

If you haven't already done so, check out the team training/graduation blog written by graduate Hope Adrian.

Welcome Aboard Melissa O'Neal

Melissa joined our Canine Angels Team in April 2015.  She moved from Arizona to Oregon for an opportunity to learn more about working with Service Dogs and special needs kids. Along with her comes her trusty sidekick Spirit, a fuzzy, loving, shepherd husky cross.  She enthusiastically took on her new role as kennel and training assistant and arrived just in time to attend her first Team Training. Melissa now has a real feel for everything Canine Angels has to offer. Her experience includes working at several dog boarding facilities as well as spending 5 years employed by a rescue dog organization in Northern Oregon. It's been great having Melissa on board with us and we are happy having her as part of our "pack."
Emergency Vet Care Fund
Click on my picture to donate now
Pups like me usually rely on our puppy raisers to absorb all costs to raise and train us for the year prior to turning us in for advanced training. This past year was an especially difficult year for some our raisers. Not only did a few of us have unexpected emergency visits, we even lost Nell, one of our sweet pups due to an unforeseen anomaly. Veterinarian costs topped $10k.

That's the reason that we are hoping to raise $10,000 to put into a special "Emergency Veterinary Care" fund. This fund will assist puppy raisers when costs for vet care exceed what they can reasonably absorb themselves. Veterinary care that goes beyond the typical vaccinations, spay/neuter, heart worm prevention, etc.
Our puppy raisers are SO amazing and Canine Angels Service Teams couldn't exist without them. Please help in making these emergency veterinary funds available. Make a "paws"itive difference...donate NOW!

Send your tax deductible donation by mail, or click on my picture above to make a secure donation online.
Welcome to the Pack

It's with great gratitude that Canine Angels welcomes these pups who are training for the Class of 2017. All donated puppies are given a "letter" name since they are not from a themed litter. Thanks again to all our donors and sponsors of these fabulous pups!


M - Maks, a Golden Retriever donated by Dr. Joy from Ben d, OR. Maks is being raised by Jennifer and Tom Killinger in Van Nuys, CA.

N - Nashua, an American Indian Dog donated by Kim La Flamme of Song Dog Kennels from Selma, OR. Nashua is being raised by Kris Brewer in Helena, MT.


O - Okomi, an American Indian Dog donated by Kim La Flamme of Song Dog Kennels from Selma, OR. Okomi is being raised by Angie McDunn in Helena, MT.

P - JP, an American Indian Dog donated by Kim La Flamme of Song Dog Kennels from Selma, OR. PJ is being raised by Katie Pellett in Choteau, MT.


Q - Quincy, a Goldendoodle donated by Barb Schwab of Bear River Doodles from Colfax, CA. Quincy is being raised by the Booth family in Glendale, OR.


R - River, a Labrador Retriever donated by Georgia Baba of Arlon Labs from Hollister, CA. River is being raised by Bill and Hilary Parry in Madbury, NH.

S - Skye, a Labrador Retriever donated by Georgia Baba of Arlon Labs from Hollister, CA. Skye is being raised by Cary Saunders in Kalispell, MT.

T - Tennessee, an American Indian Dog donated by Kim La Flamme of Song Dog Kennels from Selma, OR. Tennessee is being raised by Lindsey Estabrook in Grants Pass, OR.


U - Utah, an American Indian Dog donated by Kim La Flamme of Song Dog Kennels from Selma, OR. Utah is being raised by Barbara Schwab in Colfax, CA.


V - Vixen, a German Shepherd donated by Chris Di Meizius from Temple, TX. Vixen is being raised by Betty Beverly in Helena, MT.


W - Wish, a Labrador Retriever donated by Georgia Baba of Arlon Labs from Hollister, CA. Wish is being raised by the Cook family in North Hills, CA.


D - Dutch, a German Shepherd donated by Chris Di Meizius from Temple, TX. Dutch is being raised by Sandy Mays in Grants Pass, OR. Dutch has the honor of being the face of Canine Angels at the upcoming Dutch Bros. event in Grants Pass on December 19 th . Come on out for a cup of coffee and meet Dutch!