Congratulations to 2018 commemorative poster artist Seth Smith of Overland Park, Kansas! Our gratitude to Seth for sharing his vibrant work with all of our patrons. The painting is titled, "Cooper's Diner", and Seth comments that it was, "inspired by everyone's favorite FBI agent and his love of pie with a damn fine cup of coffee, Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks."
"My work relies heavily on themes of escapism and longing. I’ve always had a fascination with 50’s and 60’s travel culture and how society advertised and communicated the idea to the middle class. As a child, I found a box of postcards in my grand parents camper and I would spend hours pouring over them, mapping out imaginary itineraries and wondering about the lives of the thousands of travelers. My palette and subject matter are directly sourced from those memories, as best as I can recall."