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Happy Presidents' Day - IACP Closed on February 20th

IACP will be closed on Monday, February 20th, in observance of Presidents' Day. Please email should you need to reach the office.

What is Presidents' Day? 

Officially Washington's Birthday, Presidents' Day is a federal holiday observed on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington (born on February 22), the first President of the United States. The holiday is popularly recognized as also honoring Abraham Lincoln (born on February 12), and sometimes all the U.S. presidents.
IACP Executive Vice President John Voliva, RPh
IACP's Analysis on President Trump's Executive Orders

As you may have read, last month, President Trump issued a memo and Executive Orders (EO) regarding agency publication of guidances and final rules. While on the surface, these appear to directly impact the FDA's work on regulating compounding, it appears that this may or may not be the case. The memo and the EO primarily focus on the promulgation of regulations (rules) and not guidances. Additionally, the documents outline that rules or guidances which directly critical health issues may qualify for a waiver. Lastly, the EOs only apply to "significant" regulations - which the agency could interpret that the EO and memo do not apply to the compounding issues.

Therefore, until we have official word from the FDA that proposed or final guidances or rules have been rescinded or delayed, it is IACPs opinion that all actions by the FDA regarding compounding remain in effect and will continue their current deadlines for comments as originally published.

IACP is keeping a close eye on this issue - if anything changes in regards to the Agency's actions, we will notify our membership via our Member Alert e-mail.
TAKE ACTION! Ask your Representatives to Sign onto a Letter to FDA 

Please contact your respective Congressional representatives, asking them to join Congressmen Stewart and Carter in signing a bipartisan communique to FDA! Click here to read the letter.

THANK YOU! To date, 283 messages have been sent to the Hill and 32 House signatures have been obtained! We are not publishing the signature list at this point. If you would like to know if your Representative has signed on, please email

Please note: Representative Stewart's office has extended the signature deadline to March 31st. Please continue contacting your respective offices as we continue this campaign.

Let's try to get as many signatures as we can and send a strong message to FDA that the Agency must follow the 2016 Omnibus appropriations language!

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Help Keep Compounding Front & Center!

IACP is making real progress through our DQSA Coalition as well as your efforts in educating your respective congressional representatives. We have a lot more before us!  Please help us maintain the momentum by contributing today . Your support will allow us to represent your pharmacy's and your patients' issues!

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IACP Member Steve Bernardi, RPh, (left) Johnson Compounding and Wellness in Waltham, Mass., authors an excellent piece on pharmacy compounding. OVER THE COUNTER: Compounding Pharmacies Tailor Medications to Individual Needs.
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