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Week Three

The end of the past week marked 9 legislative days at your state Capitol. Perhaps the most important activity in these early days of the Session is the opportunity to visit with and listen to people from across Georgia who have ideas and concerns regarding legislation.

It was my privilege to introduce Dr. Maureen Olson in your state Senate as the Legislative Doctor of the Day. Dr. Olson is an Emergency Room physician and a tireless advocate for better health care in Georgia and a leader in supporting our health care professionals and savings lives across Georgia.

This week also saw your state Senate highlight the Go Red for Women the national effort by the American Heart Association to promote heart health for women. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the world. Please join Shelly and me by supporting the Go Red for Women project and the American Heart Association.




Join me in congratulating Governor Nathan Deal who, this past week, was named Georgian of the Year by Georgia Trend. Also join me in wishing our First Lady Sandra Deal a very Happy Birthday. Georgia is blessed by the leadership of Governor Nathan Deal and First Lady Sandra Deal.






At Your State Capitol




An important part of the Governor's Budget plan released last week was the $813.4 million bond package. The Governor's bond package will largely be spent on K-12 and higher education projects, and renovations and upgrades for existing programs. The state would pay $72.9 million in debt service (6.7% of prior year net treasury receipts) for FY 14. Below are some of the highlights of the Governor's bond package:

  • $237.8 in bonds for K-12 Education Facilities including $25 million for the purchasing of new school buses state wide.
  • $193 million for the University System of Georgia, including funding for a new Cancer Research Building for Georgia Regents University, a new law school and humanities facility for Georgia State, as well as $10 million for the Health Center at Georgia Southern University.
  • $57.9 million for Technical College System of Georgia, which includes $28 million in new facilities for Altamaha Tech in Brunswick and Camden County.
  • $50 million to the Ports Authority for the deepening of the Savannah Harbor.
  • $26.5 million to the Department of Natural Resources for facility upgrades as well as the acquisition of new lands for wildlife management.
  • $10.7 million to the Juvenile Justice Department for the improvement of current facilities and new units at various YDC's.
  • $25.2 million for reservoir projects through the Department of Community Affairs and Georgia Environmental Finance Authority.
  • The House and Senate will be adding $50 million each to complete the bond package.


  •  HB 55 - Allows warrants issued for wire taps and pen registers to apply statewide, instead of only in the jurisdiction of the judge who authorized the warrant. Passed the House with a vote of 164-1.


  • SB 10 - Requires continued testing of the competency of nurses to maintain their license.
  • SB 62 - My Senate bill creates a legislative overview committee to allow the Legislature and the Department of Community Health to work together to explore innovative solutions for health care.
  • SB 63 - I introduced this measure to limit the Legislature's authority to spend tax dollars for government health care until the implementating agency makes a report to the Legislature.
  • SB 74 - Allows people between the ages of 18 and 21 to obtain a firearm carry permit if they have previous military or coast guard training.
  • SB 84 - Prohibits those who have been convicted of sexual crimes or crimes against minors from obtaining a class P or S driver's license in the state of Georgia.
  • SB 85 - Expands the authority of pharmacists and nurses to administer vaccines in addition to the Influenza Vaccine.
  • SB 86 - Provides greater protection to victims of family violence, by allowing police officers to intervene on the behalf of victims if they have probable cause to believe someone is violating a family violence order.
  • SR 72 - This Resolution would create my Fair Tax Study Committee to examine if the Fair Tax is an appropriate alternative to Georgia's current tax code and how best to implement it at the state level.

Legislative Schedule 

House Resolution 50 was adopted to set the legislative calendar through March 5, 2013 - legislative day 29. View the Georgia General Assembly calendar here 

Listening to Georgia

I had the opportunity to visit with several groups from across Georgia this week:

Some of our heroes from the Georgia National Guard visited your state Capitol. Join me in continuing to support and pray for these troops and their families. I appreciated seeing my friend and former colleague General Jim Butterworth and some his leadership and our troops. I am very thankful for the challenge coin I was presented by the General.


I had the opportunity to visit with students from Faith Lutheran School in east Cobb as they came to support National School Choice Week. I am a strong supporter of school choice. 


This past week many of our local tourism agencies were at your state Capitol. Tourism brings in about $31 billion a year to the Georgia economy providing many jobs. I encourage you to visit a part of Georgia you have not yet visited and invite your family and friends from around the world to come see our state.


Physicians from the Medical Association of Georgia invited me to speak with them. I enjoyed listening to our doctors. Join me in thanking them for all they do for Georgia families.

It was a privilege also to join with Governor Nathan Deal to observe Economic Development Day in Georgia. I enjoyed visiting with the members of the Georgia Economic Development Association - an important group of Georgia job creators. It is always good to visit with their president, and my good friend, MIke Pennington.


I also enjoyed visiting with the Georgia College of Emergency Physicians at your state Capitol. They are some of our finest emergency department physicians. The people of Georgia greatly appreciate all they do to save lives.



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You Can Help Georgia

Our neighbors in Bartow and Gordon Counties are still recovering from the devastating tornados they were hit with this past week. Please visit this Facebook Page to find out how you can help:  Adairsville GA Tornado Recovery



I want to thank the crowd of about 60 who attended my first 2013 Senator Judson Hill Town Hall at Mountain View Library in east Cobb. It was great to have Cobb County Tax Commissioner Gail Downing there to answer questions about the automobile tag taxes. I appreciate all the questions and suggestions and look forward to the next Town Hall meeting.

Please join me for the second Town Hall of 2013 - February 26 from 7pm to 8pm


Mountain View Library - east Cobb - 3320 Sandy Plains Rd


Please join me for my Town Hall meetings every month to hear more about the 2013 Session and to share with me your ideas and thoughts.




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