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Travis Terrell
 Travis Terrell came to Career Development looking for a career that would provide his family security. Travis had been out of work for several years and his income was very limited. Travis Knew that he could have a great career in truck driving and chose to earn his Class A CDL through Arbuckle Truck Driving School. He knew that school could be a challenge after several years so Career Development worked with him on his math and reading skills until he gained the confidence to enter training. Travis finished Arbuckle at the top of his class and went straight to work through the partnership between Choctaw Nation Career Development and PGT Trucking. Travis would like to thank Arbuckle and it's trainers for providing quality training. He would also like to thank Choctaw Nation and the Career Development program for giving him this opportunity to better the life of his family. 


Attention Graduates!

The 2015 Winds of Change Job Hunting Guide is now available online at aises.org/woc.  This year's issues includes great topics for helping you successfully find your first job or take that next important step in your career path.

Maximizing Campus Resources
Both students and alumni can benefit from career services.
Strategizing for Career Longevity
Find the right job for a long-term fit.
Making a Great Digital Impression
Stand out in the job market with a personal website.
Making Informational Interviews Count
Take this important step to career success.
Online Resources
A listing of resources in several job-hunting categories, including resume writing, interviews, and networking.   
The Winds of Change Job Hunting Guide is your tool for managing your online presence to enhance your career search in a digital age. Click on the issue cover or any of the links above to start reading.
--Provided by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, www.aises.org

You're on Your Own Now  

Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner


Life's a journey. Sometime along the way you may find yourself having to
manage your finances on your own. You may make this decision yourself or have to face it without much time
to prepare. It's important for your own (and your family's) future to take control of your finances.

Become financially aware 
You don't need to become the next Suze Orman or Warren Buffet. Developing a positive attitude is a good first step to becoming financially aware. Emotions can cloud our financial decisions if we let them. Seek out others in
your local community who've gone through a similar experience. They can help you get started.

Develop a realistic spending plan 
If your spouse always paid the bills, you may have no idea where your money was going. Track your monthly expenses to help you develop a realistic budget. For help use this Spending Plan
Worksheet or Excel Template . In today's economy, it does not take long to start living on the
edge. Put away enough money in a savings account to be ready for emergencies.   

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Student Loan Repayment Options
Thursday, May 21, 2015

It can be expensive to go to college and the costs just keep going up. Taking out student loans had become the norm, but the recent recession and the accompanying high unemployment rate for college grads made the nation realize the consequences of too much student debt. Join us for this webinar to learn how to handle repaying student loans. 


Topics include:

  • Types of repayment plans,
  • Loan forgiveness programs and their income tax implications,
  • Strategies for paying off loans faster, and
  • The consequences of student loan default

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Resume Dilemma:  Employment Gaps and Job-Hopping
Kim Isaacs, Monster Resume Expert 

How to Handle a Spotty Work History 


In today's economy, you need to carefully present your experience to avoid being seen as unstable. Start by evaluating your situation and determining how bad it really is. If you are panicking about two months of unemployment back in 1993, your job search will probably not be affected. However, if you are dealing with recent periods of unemployment extending for months or even years, you will need to start strategizing.

If You're Concerned About Employment Gaps

  • Think about other activities you can use to fill that time period. You might have experience relevant to your job target, regardless of whether you were paid. Volunteer activities, community involvement, special projects, consulting engagements and continuing education can be used in the Experience section.
  • Short gaps might not be apparent if you eliminate months from your traditional resume. Use the Objective statement to summarize your goal as well as your top qualifications. This will draw attention to your selling points and downplay your work chronology. Read more.




Employment Spotlight

  How to Find the Best Job for You
Jada A Graves, US News Jan 13, 2015

A career coach can help plot the right career path, but it takes soul searching and diligence.
What do you want to be when you grow up?

It's such a simple question when we're kids, and we answer it with enthusiasm and archetypal answers. "I want to be a firefighter. An astronaut. President of the United States."

But finding the best job to fit our lifestyle, interests and talents is difficult and takes more time than required to answer elementary school questions. Upon growing up, many of us don't feel prepared to launch into any profession, much less the one that might suit us best.

Working with a career counselor might help, whether you're just beginning a job but unsure it's the right one, or if you're in the midst of your profession and still don't have a clear idea of what you really should do. If either of these scenarios rings true, here are the key questions you need to ask. Read more.

Remember, your Career Counselor and Employment Specialist with the Choctaw Nation Career Development program offers a full scope of career services.  Call us today!
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