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Brad Cobb
Brad Cobb


Bradley Cobb recently earned his Class A CDL and is excited about his new career as a commercial truck driver. Prior to earning his CDL, Brad spent much of his life doing maintenance/handyman work including roof repair, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, painting, etc. In his words, "I am a Jack of all Trades; Master of None." Brad says his last job prior to attending truck driving school was working maintenance at a rural pipe plant which paid about $13 per hour.  Brad had moved back to Kansas from California to help out his mom.




"I had been helping out and staying at my mother's place in Kansas, when Mom was diagnosed with ALS or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease.  At this point I stayed on, looking for work locally, as my assistance at home was necessary.  There were few options in finding a job which would fit in with mother's health care assistance schedule, and that is when I found a night job at the pipe plant. At this juncture, I was burning the candle at both ends, helping caregivers with mom's care and working nights at the plant. Finally, I had reached the end of my rope. Mom needed more care than I could provide and additional assistance was sought." Read more.



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May 2013                              choctawcareers.com


Career Networking Tips for Beginners - How to Make the Most of Your Career Networking Opportunities

by Hallie Crawford


Are you just out of college, or have you been working for a little while but haven't quite found your career niche yet? If so, then you're probably no stranger to the Career Fairs or other networking events that everyone always seems to be talking up. Are they worth it? Should you keep at it? What should you do at these events to help make a stronger impression? Read on for helpful advice from someone who's been there, done that...

Career Networking Tips for Beginners

1) Get clear on what you're looking for. What kind of job or opportunity do you want? Keep it short and sweet so you can communicate it easily. Practice that as your "elevator speech" for meeting new potential employers or future colleagues.

2) Tell everyone you're looking. This includes friends, family, fellow students - even professors. You never know who might know someone in the field you're interested in. Keep your resume updated and your business card handy if you have one, so that when an opportunity arises you can easily pass this information along.

3) Don't be shy - ask for the referral. People are usually happy to help - and the worst they can say is no. Remember... nothing ventured, nothing gained. Ask for that letter of recommendation or testimonial. Have a list of names handy to write in the "referrals" spot of your job applications - and be sure to keep their phone numbers and email addresses up to date and on file.

4) Follow up. If someone refers you to someone who lands you paid work, a temp gig or especially a full-time job, don't forget to thank the referrer with a hand-written note of appreciation. Keep them in mind as someone whom you may want to do something nice for in the future.

5) Most importantly, be yourself. You want a job that suits your style, personality, and unique skill set... right? The best way to find one is to just put it out there and see what comes back.

Copyright 2007 Hallie Crawford and Authentically Speaking. All rights reserved. Read more.   





Cygnet Associates' Jodie Sue Kelly specializes in practical solutions to client and program performance problems in workforce development.

23 Job Development Tips


  1. See and be seen! Join and participate in local Chambers of Commerce, Lions Club, Rotary, etc.
  2. Use every opportunity to job development: when you're at the store, visiting friends, at church, etc.
  3. Strive to make your first placement with an employer work out. Place your very best client, not your worst. Give extra attention.
  4. If you don't have the right client to fill a job order, tell the employer the truth. Don't send unqualified applicants or employers will stop hiring from you.
  5. Focus on employers' unsolved problems, not your agency's services. Employers are eager for solutions to high turnover, low productivity, and work ethic issues.






4 Ways to Fix the Broken Student Loan System

By Mitchell D. Weiss, LearnVest   


In our Money Mic series, we hand over the podium to people with controversial views about money. These views are theirs, not ours, but we look forward to opening up the floor for discussion. 


Today we introduce you   to Mitchell Weiss, a financial services industry executive and entrepreneur, adjunct professor of finance at the University of Hartford, member of the board of the university's Barney School of Business and cofounder of its Center for Personal Financial Responsibility, as well as the author of many books on saving for college.

He argues for a four-pronged approach to fixing our current student loan system. Agree, disagree-have a personal tale about your student loan burdens? Please share in the comments. 


My background is on the lending side of the financial services industry. I've owned and run commercial finance companies and served as an executive officer at several banks. Read more.




Employment Services Job Search Tips


Graduation is upon us!  This means that many graduates are fully engaged in the job search process.  Speaking of job searching, a wise person once said:  "Don't expect to land the perfect job on your first attempt... but land a job where you can build a foundation to help you advance into the perfect job."  There are a number of important considerations for the new graduate who is eager to land a job and get his/her career off to a positive start:


Making a Positive First Impression:


Employer Expectations/Wants/Needs:


Using Your Network Effectively:


Keep Your Options Open:


Career Development's Employment Services Team is available to assist with your job search.  Be sure to contact us for assistance!

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