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Top Ten Financial Resolutions in 2015 

Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner


Have you broken any of your New Year's resolutions yet? If so, I'm giving you second chance to start your
New Year off on the right foot. Here is a countdown of my top ten financial resolutions in 2015:

10. No more storage units! Your grandkids do not want to see your locker featured on an episode of"Storage Wars" due to non-payment.

9. Cancel those department store credit cards. The negative effect they have on your credit score faroutweighs the initial 10% you saved on a pair of heels that hurt your feet.

8. Set aside one hour on the weekend to prepare your weekly grocery list and search online for coupons. 

Client Success 
Ashlee McBride
Ashlee McBride came to career development in 2008 with a career goal of becoming a Physical Therapist. Ashlee and her counselor Cynthia Martin decided that it would be better to hold off on using her Career Development funding until she was accepted into the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Ashlee continued her education at serval different locations while following her husband who was serving in the military. In 2010, Ashlee was accepted into the Physical Therapy program at the University of Central Arkansas and returned to Career Development for assistance. She completed the program in 2013 and is currently working in Ft Smith Arkansas as a Physical Therapist. Ashlee would like to thank Choctaw Nation and It's Career Development Program for helping her reach her career goals.


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State Farm Career Fair - Richardson, TX 
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Location:  Hyatt Regency N Dallas, 701 E Campbell Rd., Richardson, TX 

State Farm Career Fair - Phoenix, AZ 
Times:  8:00a-11:00a / 1:00p-4:00p / 6:00p-9:00p 
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HireLive Job Fair - Oklahoma City 
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Location:  SE Expo Center, McAlester, OK 


 4 Common Job Candidate Weaknesses-and How to Put Spin on Them 
By Catherine Conlan 
Monster Contributing Writer  
Everybody has a weakness of some sort - the challenge comes when that weakness interferes with your job search. There are ways to turn your weakness into a strength and eliminate red flags when you're job hunting. Here are four common job candidate weaknesses and what you can do to mitigate them.

Little experience
"A top weakness we see in applicants is too little experience in a field," says Michelle Burke, marketing supervisor for WyckWyre. But if you have little to no experience for a position, highlight your skills and traits that show you can learn quickly. 
"Inexperience can be an advantage because you can always train skills, just not personality," Burke says. "Focus on experiences you've had in a group setting, school, etc. and use those 
advantages to show your capacity in skills for a job."

Read more.



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Investing Basics
Thursday, January 22, 2015

With arrival of tax refund checks, many people want to invest some of this money, but do not know where to start. 

This webinar is designed to help the beginning investor understand the following:
  • The relationship between risk and return
  • The difference between saving and investing
  • The importance of setting investment goals
  • Understanding your investing time horizon
  • Different types of investment options

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Employer Spotlight 

The Career Development program began a partnership with PGT Trucking in early 2014, that has already resulted in an outstanding opportunity for a number of new drivers.  Their new location in Poteau, OK has proved to be an excellent location for Choctaw members who reside in and outside of the Choctaw Nation service area. The company offers paid training program for qualified candidates who have earned a CDL.  Upon successful completion of the training program, the new driver begins driving with a trainer who is also a member of the Choctaw Nation.  PGT goes the extra mile to insure that their new drivers are prepared for success before they are released to drive on their own. Also, PGT respects their drivers' family time by offering a regional driving arrangement that allows for frequent home time.  

Driving for PGT Trucking means that you will work for a driver focused organization where safety and on-time delivery are our main goals. PTG has built a reputation in the flatbed industry as the proud professionals for a reason. They don't just hire any driver. They hire drivers who really focus on their jobs and are committed to this profession. PGT uses technology to maximize their efficiency so that you and the loads arrive safely and on-time.
Are you interested in a driving career with PGT?  If you are currently a Career Development client, contact Bryan Martin at 918-429-3134 or bmartin@choctawnation.com.  Be sure to meet with PGT representatives at the Career Expo in McAlester on Feb. 25th!  


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