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Stacy Thompson, CPA
When I made the decision to pursue the CPA certificate, I quickly found out I would have to return to school for 6 hours of college credit.  My husband had just had 3 major surgeries, so the thought of attending school with taking care of him and 2 young children at home was more than overwhelming.  Choctaw Nation paid for both courses so that I did not have the financial burden on my plate along with the other things I had going on.  Along with paying for my courses, Choctaw Nation also paid for my tests, which, again, released me from the financial burden.  All of this testing can be very expensive and taxing on a candidate.  The exam is stressful enough without having to worry about how to pay for it!  I received great support and encouragement from the Choctaw Nation staff.  I could not wait to let you all know that I had passed!  Thank you for the wonderful support you provided to me and my family throughout the past year!


Couples and Money:  Where is this budget going? 

Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner


Love is in the air. Valentine's Day is here - a time when
many couples re-examine their relationship. It's also a
good time for couples to sit down and examine financial
goals and plans for the upcoming year together. Here are 5 questions for you to discuss:
Has your income changed?
In today's economy, many are finding their work hours
reduced and overtime severely cut back or eliminated.
Many are happy just to have a job, which makes not
getting a raise this year easier to accept. You both need
to understand the big picture and adjust your

 2 Ways to Prove Your Value On A Resume 
By Margaret Buj 
Jan 22, 2015  

I still remember my shock at seeing clich�s similar to "I can work on my own initiative as well as part of a team" in 19 out of 20 applications I had received for the first role I was recruiting for when I started my recruitment career 10 years ago.

Even now, I often receive resumes with phrases such as "Self-motivated team player," "responsible," or "innovative." If your resume if full of these mundane and boring phrases (with no examples to back them up with!) it is going to be difficult for you to stand

out or for recruiters to really see your value proposition.


It is not that certain 'power words' can't be used on your resume. But you want to use them effectively so that you don't sound like everyone else.

The problem is these words are very subjective. Anyone can say they are efficient or well organized or that they have great leadership skills. NOTHING about that makes you stand out from the competition unless you show some examples.



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 20 Top Career Fair Success Strategies 
Tips for Participating in Job Fairs 
By Tracey L. Minor  - www.about.com/careers

While most professionals write off career fairs as a means of finding a job, according to a SHRM/Career Journal Poll Search Tactics Survey, over 70% of human resources departments participating rely on job fairs to recruit employees. They are not only great events for identifying employment opportunities, but also for expanding your network, honing your interview skills, learning industry information, gathering information about companies, and collecting business cards.

"Career fairs are good job seeking tools because you are able to make more contacts through employers and candidates just by being around forty or fifty companies and talking to your peers," Lew Shomer, President/CEO of the NAACP Diversity Career Fair. "They are opportunities to network, resource contacts, get information on new products and services and determine your individual worth in the market by just asking a few key questions."

Job Fair Planning

While many job seekers earnestly seek to obtain employment by attending these events, few know how to go about it successfully. Many are ill prepared and walk away from them without interviews with their targeted companies and feeling let down. By developing a strategic plan, you can significantly increase your success at identifying employment opportunities, making an impression and obtaining second interviews. The following tips are designed to help you create a strategy that will have you walking away from these events with job leads and interviews.

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 Occupational certifications help some workers reach next level
STEM SmartBrief

Occupational certifications administered by a third-party and certified by the industry are helping some workers boost their skills and train for in-demand jobs. These certifications -- also known as competency-based alternative credentialing -- are growing in popularity in fields such as IT, advanced manufacturing and health care. The Atlantic online    


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