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Jami McAdoo

Jami McAdoo recently graduated from Langston University with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She is currently employed at OU Medical Center-The Children's Hospital and loves every minute of it! When asked why she chose Physical Therapy, Jamie replied: "I chose physical therapy because of the high level of activity and interaction with other people. I always knew I wanted to do something in the medical field. I have always been an active person that enjoyed playing sports and exercising. When I was introduced to physical therapy as a future career I knew it was a perfect fit for me. It is a career in which I can help people who are sick or injured regain their strength, mobility, and other aspects of physical fitness in order to return to their normal lives." As with anything in life, Jami's schooling definitely had a few barriers. "The hardest part of school for me was being away from my family and friends. School became a full time job for me.  My evenings were spent studying and reading for class and the weekends consisted of group projects and more studying. I missed a lot of family events in those three years but I am blessed to have a family that loved and supported me throughout it all. I would not have been able to make it through without knowing I had the support group at home to believe in me." Through it all, she managed to stay focused and excel and is now fulfilling her life-long dream. If Jami could give any words of encouragement to others going through school, she would say "go for your dreams. The four years it takes for college might seem like forever, but when you look back it is the best decision you will have ever made." Jami would "like to thank Jamie Hamil for all the hard work and time she spent working with me, my family, and Langston University to help me with financial assistance throughout my doctorate program. She was so flexible and helpful and I am thankful to have had her on my side!"


Scholarships Available
The Chahta Foundation is offering a variety of scholarships to Choctaw students.  The scholarships range from $2000 for high school seniors to $20,000 for doctorate students.  For more information, contact the Chahta Foundation.

2/14/2013 3:15 PM ET


By Deanna Templeton, Credit.com


7 tips to break bad money habits

For most of us, our financial habits were picked up early by watching and learning from our parents as we were growing up. If you were lucky enough to have financially savvy parents to guide you, managing your finances probably comes easily to you. For many of us, though, making smart financial decisions is a process learned by trial and error.

So, how do you break out of bad financial habits? It takes time, commitment and a strong desire to want to make the change. If you're serious about changing your financial habits, here are a few tips and guidelines that may help:

Identifying bad habits

Take a step back and analyze your finances. What's causing you the most trouble? Are you buried in debt? Is your savings account empty? Have you set up retirement accounts? Do you consistently make payments late?

Before you can address any of these problems, you have to recognize that they exist and are caused by the habits you want to change. More.  

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10 Things Your Students Should Know About Their Digital Footprints 

By: Digital Media in the Classroom




A highly respected education advocate, Kevin Honeycutt, once asked me if any of us from our generation (GenX and before), had ever made a mistake in puberty. He then asked if our mistakes are "Googleable."


The reality is that our mistakes from puberty are not "Googleable". But our students' mistakes are. "They're on the record you see, " Kevin continued, "so if they're gonna do it (live online) anyway, I think it behooves us as educators to help our students shape and build a positive legacy."


With that in mind, I have developed some important facts and opinions that our students should be completely aware of as they live in their digital world, creating digital footprints along the way.



Building a digital legacy is an issue I believe doesn't garner enough attention in our personal and professional lives. In fact, some of the heaviest users of online tools and social media, are our young students, who are growing up as a generation of visual learners and visual attention seekers. This is in fact the Facebook and YouTube generation, and the reality is that many teens are unconcerned about the dangers of sharing personal information online.
Read more.

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Industry Spotlight - Feb. 2013


Employers Seek IT Professionals


Computer and Information Technology occupations are still in the top 3 in-demand fields. The Occupational Outlook for IT careers shows strong growth throughout most of the country and wages remain above average. Employers continue to seek competent individuals who possess appropriate certifications and technical skills sets, but that also have the ability to apply the skills and knowledge, think critically, process logically, and work within the context of a team to allow them to implement and maintain computer and software systems that help the business grow and increase profits.


Is an IT a good career choice for you? Explore Computer & Information Technology careers in OKCIS.


Top 10 Skills That Will Get You Hired In 2013


Top IT Skills in Demand for 2013/2014


15 Top Paying Certifications for 2013





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Feb. 19, 2013 - Home Depo Hiring Event, Tulsa

Feb. 19, 2013 - Job News, OKC

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March 8, 2013 - Greater Grads, OKC

April 2, 2013 - Job News, OKC

April 3, 2013 - Choctaw Career Expo, McAlester







Liberal arts losing to 'high-demand' degrees

Updated 12:50 am, Monday, January 21, 2013

For 12 days last fall, a group of black-clad students at Our Lady of the Lake University led processions across campus to mourn the loss of a dozen degree majors.

Most of the subjects are considered at the heart of a liberal arts education. Eight of them made up nearly half the 18 fields of study in the College of Arts and Sciences. But some had fewer than five full-time students enrolled last fall, including Mexican American studies, philosophy, Spanish and religious studies.

The backlash shows the difficulties such a decision can cause administrators, but the choice to build up programs in science, technology, engineering and math, known collectively as STEM, makes it the most striking example of a seismic shift taking place at the area's liberal arts universities.

Trinity University, the University of the Incarnate Word and St. Mary's University also have moved to prioritize STEM programs and professional degrees such as business administration. Students increasingly take humanities courses only to meet general education requirements in pursuit of professional or "high-demand" degrees.



Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/education/article/Liberal-arts-losing-to-high-demand-degrees-4210124.php#ixzz2KtSMcEjR
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