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Derek Jweid

Hello, my name is Derek Jweid.  I wanted to share my experience with the Choctaw Career Development program with you.  In 2011, my wife and I learned that our family was going to have another addition.  I knew that it was time to go back to school to upgrade my skills and knowledge so that I could be a better provider for my family.  The biggest issue was trying to figure out how to pay for school.  I had already taken out more student loans than I wanted and it just wasn't feasible to take anymore loans.  I had been the recipient of some small scholarships through the Choctaw Nation for my previous educational endeavors.  I did some research and learned about the Career Development Program through the Choctaw Nation.  I was put in contact with Tracy Gilbert, Career Development Counselor, and she guided me step-by-step through the application process.  I was awarded a very generous scholarship and going back to school became a reality.  I was accepted into the Respiratory Therapy program at Rose State College.  I started the program in August of 2011 and completed my training in July of 2012.  Throughout the duration of my program, Tracy Gilbert and the Choctaw Nation ensured that all my needs, from tuition and books, to scrubs and and other supplies were provided to ensure my success in the program.  Without the generosity of the Choctaw Nation, none of this would have been possible.  Today, I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist and I  am employed full-time at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City.  I would encourage all Choctaw's to explore what Career Development has to offer and to pursue their dream career.  I did it, and so can you!


Scholarships Available
The Chahta Foundation is offering a variety of scholarships to Choctaw students.  The scholarships range from $2000 for high school seniors to $20,000 for doctorate students.  For more information, contact the Chahta Foundation.
10 Warning Signs of Identity Theft
by Daniel Bortz
Stay on guard.


Everyone is a potential victim of identity theft. About 10 million Americans a year have their personal information compromised. But you can lower your chances of being easy prey if you know what indicators signal danger. Look out for these red flags. More.

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The 6th Annual Choctaw Career Expo will feature a Career Pathways Exhibit highlighting careers in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation, and Energy.  Each exhibit will showcase an evolutionary theme involving the historical as well as the modern utilization of each career pathway within our Choctaw culture.  Visit each exhibit to learn about that industry's past, its exciting career opportunities for the future, and how to access training and education that leads to a successful career within the pathway. 




What are Career Pathways? - Career Pathways offer a clear sequence of education and training courses and credentials that are built around industry and employer skill requirements in high demand industries and occupations.


Explore Career Pathways in Oklahoma!

Make the Best of the Career Expo!


The Career Expo is less than 3 weeks away!  It's time to prepare so that you can make the best of every opportunity!


Job search experts state that preparation before the hiring event is a key strategy to coming away from the event with strong employment leads.  Find out what to expect at the Career Expo, research companies that will be on site, develop a plan for visiting the employers who offer opportunities in your field, prepare copies of your resume, plan and prepare your clothing, develop an elevator pitch (speech), and practice for an interview before you make your way to McAlester!


Look for other helpful job search and job fair tips at these sites:



How-To Write Your Own Killer Cover Letter

by shannonsmedstad on December 23, 2012


 Get more resume writing and cover letter tips, by downloading Blogging4Jobs' FREE career toolkit including resume and coverletter templates.  Click here.  

There you are. Sitting in your chair, reading the headline of this blog post, wondering ... "Really, do I even need a cover letter anymore?" And, the short answer is: Sometimes. There are some hiring managers that still want to read cover letters and require them as part of the screening process. You see, many people get assistance in writing their resumes, but the cover letter is often left up to the job seeker to write. Unassisted.

Cover letters give the reader insight into your personality, achievements and writing skills. So, just like your resume, be sure that your cover letter is free of grammatical errors. Here are a few other tips for writing your own killer cover letter. More.






Representatives of the Choctaw Nation testified in support of Senate Bill 441 in the Texas Senate Committee on Economic Development on March 6th.


This bill establishes the "Texas Fast Start" program for community and junior colleges to work with employers and students to provide more flexible and more expedited pathways to get industry certifications.


The bill essentially allows students to move through programs based on competency, not based on a calendar. This will be especially useful for military personnel returning home with skills that can be translated into civilian life more quickly than a two-year degree plan currently allows.


The Choctaw Nation is getting more engaged in issues like this to compliment our efforts at the (insert your department name here) to give our members multiple pathways to good jobs and advanced degrees or certificates.


The bill was also favorably received by various representatives of Community Colleges in Texas.

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