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Client Success
Brenda Baldwin
I would like to formally thank the Choctaw Nation Career Development for assisting me in achieving my dream to become a teacher. I accomplished my career because of your help. I graduated in December 2015 with my Bachelor's Degree in Early Intervention and Child Development. All of my classes were online and that was a blessing because I worked a full-time job along with carrying 12 to 15 hours a semester. Now moving on to passing my 3 state tests to become a certified teacher. I currently work at Choctaw Nation Head Start as a Teacher Assistant now going on 3 years. Working with these children is a blessing along with some amazing co-workers.

As everyone knows life happens and sometimes we think we can't handle anymore, but keeping a positive attitude, staying focused and the support of family and friends. I accomplished my goal to becoming a teacher. I kept my faith and prayed a lot but as the Bible says "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me" (Philippians 4:13)Nothing is never easy but if you stay positive which helped me more than anything. I was bound and determined to finish. I would get tired and discouraged at times but held my head high and kept going. It was hard work but everyone told me to hang in there because your hard work is going to pay off and it did when I walked across that stage to receive my Diploma. It felt so good when I walked across that stage and I could finally say "I DID IT."
-  Brenda Baldwin 

Tax Identity Theft
Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner
Just about all of us either have had some form of our identity stolen or know a victim. Perhaps the worst form is tax identity theft, when 
someone steals your Social Security number (SSN) and files a return claiming your refund. It's becoming so prevalent that the IRS has a 
process for clearing it up and getting the refund you deserve. The 2015 tax filing season opened January 19 so file early to get ahead of thieves. 
According to the IRS Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft , follow 
these steps: 

Step 1 - Report your stolen SSN. 
File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 
www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov . You will receive a FTC Identity Theft Affidavit. If the 
identity theft is rampant, you also need to file a police report. If so, go to your local police department. 
Contact one of the three credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your account: 
1. www.Equifax.com (1-888-766-0008) 
2. www.Experian.com (1-888-397-3742) 
3. www.TransUnion.com (1-800-680-7289) 
You only need to contact one of these companies. They are required to let the other two know. A 
fraud alert is free and will not hurt your credit score.

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Here are the keys for students and job-seekers to successfully navigating a career or job fair. Follow these simple rules and guidelines and you should achieve success in this important strategic tool of job-hunting. See the Do's & Don'ts
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3 Ways to Get Your Resume Past ATS

If you're submitting your resume through a job board or company website, there's a good chance your resume is being run through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the software many of today's employers use to read and rank resumes that come in. The higher the ranking, the greater the chance your resume will b e seen by a pair of human eyes. Those that don't get a high rank fall into a black hole.

So the question is, "How can I ensure my resume gets past the applicant tracking system?"
Here are some basic tips.

1. Make sure the ATS can read your resume.

Have your resume saved in the right format. Not all can read documents saved as .docx or .pdf, so to be on the safe side, save it in MS Word .doc format. Another thing is don't use tables and textboxes. The ATS can't read them.

2. Help the ATS identify sections and information.

ATS looks for keywords to help identify sections of the resume, so make sure the top of your resume is labeled with Profile Summary. It's still important to include an attractive title, so consider something like Profile Summary: Marketing Manager Specializing in Cardiovascular Drugs. Other sections that should be clearly labeled on the resume include Experience, Education, Certifications, and Affiliation. In terms of information layout, under Experience, order your information to read company name, title, date of employment and then go into the description of highlights.  Read more.

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