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Jessica Keeling
I entered college thinking that I wanted to be in the dental field.  During that time, I worked at MCSO in Durant and quickly fell in love with nursing and the impact I witnessed the nurses have on the lives of their patients.  In 2007 when I became a LPN, I knew that I wanted to do more and become a larger part of the nursing field and set an ultimate goal then to become a Nurse Practitioner.
  As an adult, it is never easy to go back to school because of real-life responsibilities.  While obtaining my Bachelors in Science in Nursing from the University of Oklahoma, I worked weekend nights as a LPN at MCSO.  I often would leave straight from work on a Saturday morning and go to class all day.  While working on my Masters of Science in Nursing, I continued to work full-time and began the program when my daughters was only 18 months old.  Balancing being a mom and a full-time work schedule was difficult at times, but not impossible.
  If you can dream it, then you can do it.  With a lot of help from my family and a lot of sleepless nights, I knocked down those obstacles in my way of achieving my dream.  I would remind myself everyday that the juice is worth the squeeze or in other words, sacrificing my time for a few years of my life was worth going to work everyday for the rest of my life and loving what I do. I am living my dream and loving every minute of it.
 I would tell anyone who is thinking about furthering their education to do it!  You never want to look back and think, what if I had tried?  For those who are continuing their education, stick with it.  The struggle will soon end and in the end you will have something that no one can take away from you: an education.

 I would like give a big thank you to Choctaw Nation Career Development for assisting me in both my Bachelors and Masters programs.  Especially Jamie Hamil who answered my questions quickly and was always full of encouragement.  Robin Counce assisted me and my older brother to achieve our post-graduate nursing degrees and we couldn't be more thankful.  Also, thank you to my family for putting up with me during this stressful time and helping me achieve my dream.

Please consider long-term disability insurance

Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner


I never thought I needed long-term disability insurance. My employer had always provided basic life and short-term disability insurance. The
only benefits I ever signed up for were health and dental insurance, along
with the retirement plan. 


That all changed five years ago when someone I loved suffered a stroke at a young age. Visiting the Neurology ICU
unit has a real affect on you. For those patients lucky enough to leave it, most don't know they are leaving. We were
all extremely grateful that my loved one completely recovered. The first
thing I did when I returned home was
to sign up for group long-term disability through my employer.   


Read more. 


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Use Numbers to Highlight Your Accomplishments


Suppose you're a hiring manager looking at resumes. Which of the following statements would impress you more?   

  • Wrote news releases.  
  • Wrote 25 news releases in a three-week period under daily deadlines.

Clearly, the second statement carries more weight. Why? Because it uses numbers to quantify the writer's accomplishment, giving it a context that helps the interviewer understand the degree of difficulty involved in the task.

Numbers are powerful resume tools that will help your accomplishments get the attention they deserve from prospective employers. With just a little thought, you can find effective ways to quantify your successes on your resume. Here are a few suggestions:


Think Money

Organizations are and always will be concern

ed about money. So as you contemplate your accomplishments and prepare to present them on your resume, think about ways you've saved, earned or managed money in your internships, part-time jobs and extracurricular activities so far. A few possibilities that might appear on a typical resume:

  • Identified, researched and recommended a new Internet service provider, cutting the company's online costs by 15 percent. 
  • Wrote prospect letter that has brought in more than $25,000 in donations so far.
  • Managed a student organization budget of more than $7,000.  Read more



cabheader Join us for this FREE Financial Literacy Webinar  

presented by Eileen St. Pierre, Certified Financial Planner


This webinar is the final installment in the


Estate Planning Basics series. 

Join us to help you answer the following questions:

What is an Advanced Directive for Health Care?
Do I need a Living Will?
Why is it important to name a Health Care Proxy?
Do I want to fill out a Do Not Resuscitate form?
When should I appoint a Power of Attorney?



Title: Healthcare Directives and Powers of Attorney   

Date:  Wednesday, November 12th  

Time:  11:00 am


 Register here!  




What is the Hidden Job Market?

The hidden job market is a term used to describe jobs that aren't posted online or advertised. Job seekers can tap the hidden job market by using networking connections to help find unadvertised job openings.


Many employers choose to hire internally or through their professional network to avoid the lengthy process of open online applications. Instead of posting a job opening, some employers will choose other alternatives such as going through a recruiting firm, headhunters, and referrals from current employees.


It is possible to find these opportunities as a potential applicant by expanding your network connections and advertising your professional objectives.  How to use networking to find a job.  



Employment Spotlight

Where the jobs are: The new blue collar
More than 2.5 million good-paying jobs will be created in the next few years. Will workers know how to get them?
By:  MaryJo Webster, USA TODAY

Joseph Poole will make more than $100,000 in wages and overtime by the end of the year.

The 21-year-old works in what looks like NASA's mission control, monitoring the manufacturing process at Chevron Phillips petrochemical plant in Houston. Poole didn't get the job with the engineering degree he originally considered. Instead, Poole landed it with a two-year course at a local community college. 
"The potential to make just as much money as an engineer, but for half the cost of the education, was here," Poole says. "Just seeing firsthand how things are made is something I really enjoy doing." 
By 2017, an estimated 2.5 million new, middle-skill jobs like Poole's are expected to be added to the workforce, accounting for nearly 40% of all job growth, according to a USA TODAY analysis of local data from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. and CareerBuilder.


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