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Katlyn Kemp

When Katlyn came to Career Development she was living with her family with no form of income. Career Development assisted Katlyn with tuition, books, and fees which allowed her to attend the Dental Assistant Program at Petra Allied Health in Ft Smith, Arkansas. Once Katlyn completed her course she became employed at Dr. Fisher's Dental Office in Spiro, Oklahoma. Katlyn went from zero income to ten dollars an hour and is very grateful for Choctaw Nation and the Career Development Program. She said that without Career Development she would not have been able to afford training and is so thankful that Choctaw Nation had a program that helped better herself.


Managing Debt: 
Recognizing You Have a Debt Problem

Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner


I remember the day we created the giant snowball in elementary school.  Before we knew it, we had to recruit others to help us push it.  Then the unthinkable happened - it fell over onto on of my classmates.  She wasn't hurt, just a little numb.


That's probably how many people are feeling now as their Christmas credit card bills are starting to arrive.  Reality is starting to setting in.  Did I really spend that much?  Holiday spending can have a snowball effect, leading to a debt spiral that is hard to stop. The first step is to recognize if you have a debt problem.

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Closing the Skills Gap



January 05, 2014


Today, nearly 11 million Americans are unemployed. Yet, at the same time, 4 million jobs sit unfilled. This is the "skills gap"-the gulf between the skills job seekers currently have and the skills employers need to fill their open positions.


Historically, the United States and much of the developed world benefited from an industrial economy that offered employment opportunities for people of all skill levels. The combination of globalization and technological advancements changed the equation. Today, employers in the United States, Europe and elsewhere have diminished demand for low-skill workers and those jobs that are available are often at low wages with limited opportunities. At the same time, demand is growing for middle-skill workers-machinists, technicians, health care practitioners and a broad range of other roles.



Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program 


Education Loan Repayment Program) enables dedicated registered nurses committed to caring for underserved people to serve in hospitals and clinics in some of America's neediest communities, improving the lives of their patients and transforming their own.


NURSE Corps members help to build healthy communities in poor urban and rural areas as they build their own fulfilling and productive careers.


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Sell yourself the Steve Jobs way!


The Apple CEO is a master of marketing. Use his techniques to polish your personal brand.
By Carmine Gallo

At your level, people expect a good presentation - including the interview.


Effective presentation skills will not only help you sell your ideas and products, but it will elevate your personal brand. Management guru Peter Drucker once said, "As you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word."


Apple CEO Steve Jobs is considered one of the best presenters in the corporate world today. In my previous article on his lecturing skills and my new book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, I reveal the tactics behind his famed "reality distortion field," outlining the exact techniques that Jobs uses to engage his audience.

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Mark your calendars....


  Nursing Workshops available in the following locations in Oklahoma:   

Durant - Hugo- Idabel- McAlester - Poteau   

Talihina - Stigler 



  Click here for more information on the Career Expo!  




2014 Career Spotlight


Welcome 2014!  The new year brings thoughts of fresh starts, new goals, and making positive changes in our lives.  Career Development's Career Counselors and Employment Services Specialists are looking forward to helping you meet your career goals in 2014 and beyond.  Contact us today for one-on-one assistance with developing your career plan, meeting your educational goals, Career Readiness Certification, academic support, or job search strategies.


Here are some insightful articles to help you meet your 2014 Career Goals!


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Career Advancement:

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One-Stop Career Resources:

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"Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one." 
- Brad Paisley

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