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Weston McCalip
With the help of the Choctaw Nation Career Development Program, Weston McCalip was able to successfully complete his program at Wichita Falls Fire Academy and has started his career as a fireman at Wichita Falls Fire Department. When asked what advice or words of encouragement he could give to others, McCalip responded, "I would not have made it to where I am today without my Choctaw family. If there is something you want to do or a goal that you want to reach, they will help you get it. Just ask." Weston is now able living his dream of becoming a fireman and loving it!




Using Crowdfunding to Launch Your Business   

Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner


You've had this idea in your head for 
years. Now you have reached the point 
in your life when it is time to see if this 
idea will work. Starting a business can be exciting and scary at the same time,particularly when it comes to financing 
your new venture. Luckily the internet 
has made it easier for entrepreneurs toraise funds.

Crowdfunding is the collection of funds from backers (i.e. the "crowd") to fund 
an initiative referred to as a campaign. 
This usually occurs over the Internet. It 
is hard to keep up with all the different 
types of crowdfunding sites. You will 
want to choose a site that generates a lot 
of interest from potential investors.

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15 Quick Tips to Help You Get Hired  

Alison Doyle, Job Searching Expert 


Looking for a job, but haven't had any luck?  If you're applying to every single opening, that may be one of the problems.  Here are 15 things you need to start doing right now.  
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cabheader Join us for this FREE Financial Literacy Webinar  

presented by Eileen St. Pierre, Certified Financial Planner


Estate planning involves making important decisions for the people you love.  If you do not do this, you will die "intestate," which means the inheritance laws of your state will determine how your property will pass to your heirs.  Putting an  estate plan in place now means that you keep control over what happens after your death.  You cannot control fate, but you can plan for it.  This can really put your mind at ease.


This webinar is the first in a 3-part series on Estate Planning.  It will help you answer the following questions:


Why do I need to have a will?

What is a trust?

Why are there so many different kinds of trusts?

When should I use a will and when should I use a trust? 



Title: state Planning Basics:  Wills vs. Trusts 

Date:  Wednesday, September 10th  

Time:  11:00 am


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Employment Spotlight

What is the #1 skill employers want?
Soft Skills-What Are They & Why Do You Need Them? 
By Dawn Rosenberg McKay

Most occupations require that those who work in it have certain abilities that allow them to do their jobs. For example, photographers must understand how different camera settings and lighting affect the pictures they take, teachers must be able to use certain techniques to teach math and reading, and computer programmers need to know how to use programming languages. These abilities are known as hard or technical skills and to learn them one usually enrolls in some sort of educational program where he or she receives classroom instruction and often practical training as well. To work in any occupation you also need what are referred to as soft skills.  What are Soft Skills?



Six Ways to be Sensational at Your New Job
Career Solutions Publishing
May 5, 2014

Your goal at work should be to prove that you are an exceptional employee. Assume you just got a new job at a great company. How can you stand out as an exceptional employee?

1.    Behave as if you're still being interviewed. Think of your first 30-90 days as an extended interview. Prove every day that you deserved to be hired. You'll work harder and smarter, and you won't take anything for granted.

2.    See your manager as a person to help, not a person who tells you what to do. Your manager has many things to do. The more you help your manager achieve goals, the more highly you will be valued. Plus you'll find it's a lot easier to work hard when you feel you're helping someone instead of obeying them.

3.    Go the extra mile early and often. In the beginning you probably won't have all the skills and experience you need. Work hard and everyone around you will know you're trying. For a short while, that may be enough.

4.    Spot the high performers and mimic them. Pick out the top performers and study them. Learn how they approach their work. It's smart to copy people who do well.

5.    Find a way to stand out. Work at being known for something specific, such as responding more quickly, following up first, or offering to help before you're asked. Pick a task that truly benefits the company and other employees - and work to excel at that task.

6.    Never forget why you were hired. You were hired to help advance the goals of the company. Remember that you win only if the company wins, and your contributions can help the company win.

Action: Imagine yourself in the career of your choice. In what ways could you help your manager?

Adapted from an article by Dharmesh Shah of Hubspot


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