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May, 2012

 Career Reinvention for
Baby Boomers

May 22 & 24  



Many people are restless or burned out in their present career.  They find that retirement is quickly approaching and they are afraid that it will be mind-numbingly boring.  Today's baby boomers aren't ready to be put out to pasture.  They are active, vibrant and feel they have lots more to offer yet the job market isn't necessarily in agreement.  Self-employment allows people to learn new skills and achieve self-fulfillment.  For many Baby Boomers starting a franchise has become a promising path to transition from corporate to business ownership.   This month's free webinar will explore opportunities to reinvent YOUR career.  We will cover the following:        

  • Finding fulfilling career options
  • Transferring your experience to business ownership
  • How to use franchising to achieve your goals
  • Building YOUR empire
  • What type of person is right for business ownership
  • How to compare business options
  • AND...plenty of time for live Q&A! 

 Space is limited so register early to make sure you have a seat!


Click here to register for:

Tues, May 22 at 6pm CT




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Thurs, May 24 11am CT 

FastTrac Courses for Boomers 


"Baby Boomers have experience, expertise, and financial stability like no other generation. These characteristics inspired Kauffman FastTrac to create entrepreneurial courses for Kansas Citians age 50+. FastTrac NewVenture is tailored to help boomerpreneurs start a new company. The curricula will assist Baby Boomer entrepreneurs in honing these strengths and using them in their business practices."


Learn more about the Kauffman Foundation's FastTrac program here. 

Finance a Franchise Business Using a 401K or IRA: Penalty &Tax Free  

"Use your IRA Rollover or 401(k) to buy or start a franchise or independent business.  Roll over your retirement plan balances into an Eligible Individual Account Plan (EIAP) with Tenet Financial Group without incurring taxes or penalties.  Use your EIAP for the equity injection required for your SBA Loan or make your investment without incurring any debt at all. Tenet Financial Group has been a trusted advisor and consultant to America's small businesses for over 20 years."

Continue reading here
10 Reasons You Won't be Able to Retire at 65 

"Workers are more pessimistic than ever before about their retirement prospects. Employees feel less confident about their ability to retire than at any other point in the past two decades, according to the latest installment of a 21-year-old Employee Benefit Research Institute and Mathew Greenwald and Associates annual survey. But this pessimism about retirement could also be viewed as the first time employees have realistically assessed their retirement preparedness. "People are increasingly recognizing the level of savings realistically needed for a comfortable retirement," says Jack VanDerhei, EBRI research director and co-author of the report. "Far too many people had false confidence in the past." Here is why you probably won't be able to retire at age 65."


Read the 10 reasons here.
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Finance a Franchise Business Using a 401K or IRA: Penalty & Tax Free
10 Reasons You Won't be Able to Retire at 65
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