Prepare Yourself With a "Sound Check"
Sept 28, 2016, Issue #119

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But first, a tip  to get things right the first time.  

Let Me Tell You a Quick Story:

Call it a "sound check", or "rehearsal", or "trial run".

Whatever you're doing, your success almost always 
depends on careful  preparation.

You'll have only a slim chance to succeed if you 
decide to  "wing it" with only bluff and bluster.  

You can see examples of good preparation everywhere, 
every day.  

For example like millions of you, I watched the 
first presidential debate and saw the candidates' 
preparation pay off big time.  

The next few weeks will reveal whose performance 
was more decisive and lasting, but for now I think 
both candidates scored a number of points.

And that big debate reminds me of another recent 

Watching the Rio Olympics on TV last summer, 
I saw all the athletes preparing to compete.  

No surprise!  Usually devoting much more time 
to their warm up than to their actual contest.  

Often years of conditioning their bodies, pacing 
themselves, mentally focusing and "visualizing" 
their performance ahead of time.

I remember wondering if the contests would  be 
won by those who prepared the best, because  it
allowed them to perform the best.

There's a valuable lesson here for all of us.  
How well do YOU prepare?

Nice? And now for the "salesy" stuff:
(Because we're always ready for your next party.)

For me and the band, every performance follows 
thorough preparation.  

First, many conversations set the scene.  Where, 
when, what's the occasion, what mood do you want, 
and any special requests?

We scout out the best location for the band, 
plan to pace ourselves with the event's timeline, 
and coordinate with the planner, caterer, DJ, and 
photographer, to assure that everything will go 
smoothly as planned.

When we arrive we've already practiced the tunes 
we'll be playing -- our familiar old favorites as well 
as the new special songs.

Once we're finally at the location, we greet our 
colleagues,  set up our equipment, tune up, and make 
a quick sound check.

We talk about similar events we've entertained at 
in recent years,  and we're ready for "show time".

All this careful preparation is about to pay off.

So the next time you see us, realize  that 
we've already been preparing for you.

The next time you or a friend  are looking for
upbeat, elegant music played the way you want, 
preview us in action at our next public event:  

Where?  You can catch us here (see details below):

Thursday, October 13, 5:30-8:30pm,
"Grand Opening Celebration", 
Fitz Place, 455 Fitzgerald, San Martin
Caterer? Wedding or Event Planner? Bride? Groom? 
Enjoy the festive mood we'll create.  You'll  hear the
popular standards, jazz classics, and Latin favorites. 
Please stop by and say Hi.

Are YOU looking for wedding or party music RIGHT NOW?

Meanwhile, here's my favorite story about a "Sound Check"

Let's chat soon.  


Robbie Schlosser | Magnolia Jazz Band
"Bringing Elegant, Upbeat Music to Weddings and Parties"  

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