Valley Events
From the friends of the Carmel Valley Library:

Summer Saturday Matinee
June 17, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
 Join us to watch WALL-E! Popcorn and lemonade will be served. 

Knitting Club
June 20, 12:30 - 2:00 pm
A fun way to knit or crochet. Build your skills by learning and sharing with others. Volunteer-led club meets in the small conference room at Carmel Valley Branch. Snack refreshments okay to bring.

Summer Reading Performance:
Rock Steady Juggling - Carmel Valley
June 21, 3:30 - 4:30 pm

Book Club
June 22, 2:30 - 4:00 pm
A fun way to talk about books! Volunteer-led book club meets every Thursday. 

Summer Saturday Matinee
June 24, 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Join us to watch SPY KIDS! Popcorn and lemonade will be served. Please call 659-2377 for more information.

Summer Reading Performance: Traveling Lantern Theater Company - 
June 28, 3:30 - 4:30 pm

For more information, call 659-2377 or email Jennifer Smith 
From the Big Sur Land Trust:  

Soberanes Fire: Immolation, Aftermath and Rebirth
We are so grateful to Michael Troutman, a highly-respected local pr ofessional
photographer, for generously donating his time and talent to capture a full spectrum of compelling images during and after last year's Soberanes Fire. His newest exhibition, Soberanes Fire - Immolation, Aftermath and Rebirth is showing for the next year at East Village Coffee Lounge. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Big Sur Relief Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County and Big Sur Land Trust!

Community Center Pool
Open in June

 June 3 - August 6:
M-Thu Adult Swim 7 - AM
M-Th Adult Swim 4 - 5 PM
M-F General Swim 12 - 4 PM 

General Swim 12 - 5 PM.

More information at
Summer Swim Lessons at the Community Youth Center

Online Registration has started!

CVCYC will be offering 4 two-week sessions beginning Monday, June 5th.
Group lessons for ages 4 and up in levels 1,2,3, Pre-Team (levels 4 & 5), Mommy & Me, as well as private lessons for all ages will be available. Lessons are Monday-Thursday only. Sign up online beginning April 1st, or in person during pool hours starting June 3rd.

Become a member to receive discounted swim lesson pricing!


Visit our website for more information:
Senior Luncheon

1st Monday of Each Month
11:30 am
Carmel Valley Community Center

This is a monthly event free to all seniors in Carmel Valley.

Come and Share the Wonders of
Point Lobos
Easy Access Adventures!

Point Lobos

Visitors of all abilities are invited to experience the Easy Access Trails at Point Lobos. You are welcome to tour at your own pace, whether you walk fast or slow, are pushing a stroller or walker, using a cane or wheelchair.  
We also have a presentation that we can show to your group or staff at your

Saturday, June 17- 10 am to noon - Sea Lion Point

Wednesday, July 5 - 10 am to noon - Sea Lion Point

Saturday, July 15 - 10 am to noon - Sea Lion Point

Wednesday, Aug. 2 - 10 am to noon - Sea Lion Point

Saturday, Aug. 19 - 10 am to noon - Sea Lion Point

Wednesday, Sept. 6 - 10am to noon - Sea Lion Point

Saturday, Sept. 16th - 10 am to noon - Seal Lion Point

Highlights at Sea Lion Point - California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Otters,
Pelicans, Gulls and Cormorants - Whales in migration

For more information, see
or contact Melissa Gobell, Docent Program Coordinator 
or 831 625-1470
Safely Dispose of Your
Sharps and Meds!

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Header photo by
Carmel Valley Photographer 
Douglas Steakley 
Please click below to read former Herald Editor and Monterey Bay Partisan publisher Royal Calkins' incisive article on a County staff member's decision to allow events in residential zoning without public process:

The Proposed Church in Cachagua

Last week we published an article by Cachagua resident Don Bonsper, detailing concerns he and other residents have about a proposal for a church on Cachagua Road. This week we are publishing a description of the project from the County web site and a response from Pastor Orville Meyers.

Please note that although the proposal is of interest to valley residents, it is not within the Carmel Valley Master Plan, and CVA has not taken a position on it.

From the County web site:


Use Permit to allow the conversion of a single family dwelling into a church within the Resource Conservation zoning district. The project includes a 744 square foot addition to the main level and a 830 square foot basement for use as a youth room. The property is located at 19345 Cachagua Road, Carmel Valley (Assessor's Parcel Number 418-441-006-000), Cachagua Area Plan.

From Pastor Meyers:

In our application for a Use Permit to be a church here in Cachagua, the county has determined that we will have "NO IMPACT" or "LESS THAN SIGNIFICANT IMPACT" in EVERY area. From traffic, noise, parking, septic, sustainable water, etc. All of this is in the county record.

The church was described as "high impact." The truth is that in the nine years we have served in our community there are 10-15 residents who come weekly and all but two live in the Cachagua/Jamesburg/Upper CV area. The two coming from outside came to serve in providing music.

Regarding  continuances, our lawyer and we have recently met with the County to iron out what exactly is left for us to do.

Since January 2008 we have served our community in many ways. Some times being a help to the community at large, mostly to individuals in their time of need. Our heart and passion is to serve our community where we can bring hope and joy to our neighbors.
There are many who live out here who could share with you what the church being here means to them, I will let them speak for themselves if they so choose.

If anyone has a question, PLEASE feel free to contact me.

Thank You,

Orville Myers, pastor

Valley Issues Update
CVA Appeals County Planning Director's "Interpretation"
That Allows Hilltop Ranch Vineyard
to Hold Special Events in a Residential District

Monterey County Resource Management Agency Director Carl Holm has issued an "opinion" in which he "interprets" the County Zoning Code in a way that would allow special events at Hilltop Ranch vineyard in the Low Density Residential district. Hilltop Ranch is located at 62 E. Carmel Valley Road up a private shared residential driveway. Mr. Holm's "interpretation" is contrary to the Carmel Valley Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC) recommendation of denial of the special events use.

The LUAC based its decision on private road access, zoning, lack of legitimate traffic data and noise data, a questionable application of Salinas Valley wine corridor policies to Carmel Valley, and a lack of transparency. CVA, represented by attorney Molly Erickson of the Stamp / Erickson law firm, has filed an appeal of Mr. Holm's "interpretation."

It allows special events in a residential district where special events uses are not allowed by the zoning. It violates state laws and the County Code. It provides an incentive for everybody in the Low Density Residential (LDR) zone to plant a vineyard so they can have special events. It corrupts the public process. If allowed to stand, the Holm Letter will cause serious long term land use and environmental effects and will harm the public's trust in Monterey County government.

Having thus bypassed the legal processes, and
having gotten the County's approval for special events, the applicant then asked for, and received, a refund of its remaining application fees from the County. Adding to the outrage, the County then charged CVA a fee of $2,678.08 to appeal Mr. Holm's "interpretation." 

CVA needs your help in funding this effort to right this
disturbing action - - both to help with the appeal fee and our legal fees!  If we don't fight this together, you and all of us may soon have unlimited special events right next door to us, too. 

Please be as generous as you can, and send your check today payable to "Carmel Valley Association" to
PO Box 157, Carmel Valley, CA 93924, and write "Legal Defense Fund" in the memo line.  Or click here to donate online. We will use your gift right away to fight the Holm Letter, and in coming days to continue the legal fight to protect the Carmel Valley.

You can also write an email to CVA at telling us what you think. CVA will provide our members' email comments to the County Planning Commission as part of our appeal.

Thank you for your extra support now! With your help, we will stop this undermining of the Carmel Valley General Plan and together we will keep Carmel Valley rural.

After CVA Members Testify,
Planning Commission Denies  31 Unit Val Verde Development

Expressing concern about the proposed development's non-compliance with County Development Evaluation System's affordable housing requirements, the planners voted 8 - 1 to deny the project and canceled a second scheduled hearing. The project will next go the the Board of Supervisors. That hearing is currently scheduled for June 27 but may change.

CVA testified before the Planning Commission concerning the projects inconsistencies  with the General Plan and submitted a 14-page letter outlining the defects of the project and the inconsistencies in the Final Environmental Impact Report.

Rancho CaƱada

CVA Filed Suit  January 12, 2017.

This case has just been assigned to Judge Villarreal.  She is the CEQA judge.

We have presented the Administrative Record to the County for certification.  The County certifies it as to accuracy. In the end, the record wound up being 16,000 pages long.

Our attorney, William Parkin, has handled preparation, and the County has been cooperative. There have been some delays from plaintiff's attorney, so we have suggested that our brief be filed on July 7, plaintiff's on August 11, and our reply brief on September 1.

The hearing will be set for October 6 in front of Judge Villarreal.  
Pris Walton, President
Carmel Valley Association
  Curious About CVA?

Carmel Valley Association is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful community organizations in Monterey County. We are entirely volunteer, with no paid employees. Our mission is to defend the beauty, resources and rural character of our beautiful valley. We do that by working with residents, businesses, and government.
CVA was instrumental in the adoption of the Carmel Valley Master Plan and recently settled a lawsuit with Monterey County regarding traffic measurement and capping future development on very favorable terms for our valley. Our volunteer experts represent Carmel Valley's interest, testifying before governmental bodies concerning development, water, traffic, road signs, and other quality of life issues.

We keep valley residents informed about important issues and events with our online Calendar, our weekly email Bulletin, which goes to over 650 residents, and our quarterly Newsletter, which is mailed to over 7,000 valley addresses .

To provide a venue for differing perspectives, we are starting to publish letters and guest commentaries in our E-Bulletin. Let us hear from you so that we can include your thinking in our deliberations.

Please limit your letters to no more than 250 words and commentaries to 600 words. We also encourage you to provide informational items, topical essays, and photos related to the Carmel Valley and the Carmel Valley Association's mission. Submissions may be edited for length and clarity. Send your letters and comments to

or reply to this email