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The Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District is currently accepting
applications for the Community Grant Program ($150,000 available)
The Community Grant Program was established to assist local public agencies, community  groups and nonprofit organizations within the District with funding for improvements to  community and neighborhood parks, open space and preservation of coastal areas.

Projects that may be considered for funding include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Projects that increase the safety of park users, particularly young children e.g. replacing
  • older playground equipment with newer, safer equipment.
  • Projects that enhance Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility.
  • Projects that enhance public awareness and appreciation of parks, recreation and open
  • space, such as trails, overlooks, benches and interpretive signage programs.
  • Projects that provide access to parks by youth in a safe, positive and meaningful ways
  • through education programs and other activities.
  • Projects that enhance coastal preservation efforts.
The grant guidelines and application are located on the Community Grant Program page under  News & Announcements tab of the District's website, or contact
Shuran Parker at (831) 372-3196 x107 for more information.

The Angel Project
Needs Help

The Carmel Valley Angel Project, is looking for a Spanish-English bilingual volunteer to assist in the outreach to families who may need some help during the holidays. The job, to begin in the fall, consists of helping to find, phone, and schedule the families. Please contact Sandy Schachter at if you are interested. More information on the Angel Project can be found at
Valley Events
Senior Luncheon

1st Monday of Each Month
11:30 am
Carmel Valley Community Center

This is a monthly event free to all seniors in Carmel Valley.

Come and Share the Wonders of
Point Lobos
Easy Access Adventures!

Point Lobos

Visitors of all abilities are invited to experience the Easy Access Trails at Point Lobos. You are welcome to tour at your own pace, whether you walk fast or slow, are pushing a stroller or walker, using a cane or wheelchair.  
We also have a presentation that we can show to your group or staff at your

Thanks to the Point Lobos Foundation we are now offering an entry waiver grant to many

Hope you plan a visit to Point Lobos for our Easy Access Adventure days, and also please post the
attached flyer at your facility. In addition, our docents can bring a video and a PowerPoint
presentation to your facility

Saturday, Aug. 19 - 10 am to noon - Sea Lion Point

Wednesday, Sept. 6 - 10am to noon - Sea Lion Point

Saturday, Sept. 16th - 10 am to noon - Seal Lion Point

Wednesday, Oct. 4 - 10am to noon - Sea Lion Point

 Saturday, Oct. 21 - 10am to noon - Sea Lion Point 

Highlights at Sea Lion Point - California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Otters,
Pelicans, Gulls and Cormorants - Whales in migration

For more information, see
or contact Melissa Gobell, Docent Program Coordinator 
or 831 625-1470
Safely Dispose of Your
Sharps and Meds!

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Carmel Valley Photographer 
Douglas Steakley 
Exploring a Sense of Place
A Program of the Carmel Valley Association Natural Resources Committee

Encouraging increased awareness and appreciation for the Carmel River and watershed through the arts and sciences. Stories of the land and river will be shared: how do the plants, animals and natural systems interact to create and support the whole ecosystem? Opportunities to reflect through the arts are a part of the outings.

Date: August 12, 10 am-12:30 am Carmel River at the Little League Field (meet at the parking lot).

Guide: Nikki Nedeff, Botanist and Riparian ecologist

Wear hiking shoes and layered clothing, sun hat, sun screen, walking stick as desired...bring journal and any painting and other drawing supplies, food and water!

RSVP /questions call Paola Berthoin 624.9467

Upcoming Outings 

October 14, 2017, Carmel River Lagoon, meet at the Lagoon parking lot
Fisherman and Carmel River Steelhead association VP Frank Emerson and Paola Berthoin

November 11, 2017, Location to be determined
Linda Yamane, Rumsian Ohlone basketweaver and storyteller, and Paola Berthoin

We look forward to your participation!

We received the following letter from Amy Essick and Frank Takacs:

Good morning CA Association,

Thank you for the recent newsletter, we appreciate the information you share.

The "Holm letter" article is disturbing and we are grateful for your reporting of this situation and appealing this special treatment. This is a precedent that could be replicated in our neighborhoods, as you caution.

We appreciate your continuing columns calling for neighbors to eradicate genista. We have taken up renewed enthusiasm for removal on our property because of the extreme fire threat it poses. The genista grows and becomes woody with little leaf growth on the lower section of the bush-like tree. They often grow under and around oak trees providing the perfect kindling ingredient to act as a ladder for the fire to travel into the tree. As you continue to encourage residents to remove genista, could you also add the fire danger element of this insidious bush? The Soberanes fire is not far from our community's memory and eradicating all the dead or mature woody genista is true fire prevention.

Thank you for all you do.

Best regards,
Amy Essick and Frank Takacs
Schulte Road

Valley Issues Update
The Planning Commission Reverses the Hilltop Ranch
"Administrative Interpretation"

On Wednesday, July 27th, the planning commission voted 7-0, to overturn the administrative interpretation that allowed Hilltop Ranch to have marketing events on site.

Thank you CVA and all those who are contributing finances for hiring Molly Erickson, so we could have the kind of representation needed to fight this precedent setting decision. Donations are still welcome!

Short-Term Rentals in Carmel Valley

The county is searching for answers to the complicated questions surrounding the issue. Among those being considered are: How should the difference between owner-occupied and absentee-owner properties be dealt with? Should there be limits on how many days a unit could be rented? What effects are short term rentals having on overall housing market prices and on affordable long term rentals?

It is very important that residents of Carmel Valley express their thoughts to the Planning Commissioners. The draft ordinance and correspondence relating to this discussion can be found HERE.

Please contact the Planning Commissioners as soon as possible about short term rentals. Email can be sent to the commissioners directly or:
to Melanie Beretti: (831)755.5285.
or to Jacquelyn Nickerson, Administrative Secretary: (831)755.5240

Rancho CaƱada Opening Brief
Filed in Superior Court

Attorneys William Parking and Yuchih Pearl Kan filed an opening brief July 7th on behalf of CVA, pointing out the following flaws in the permitting process:
  • The County Is Long Overdue in Meeting Its Responsibilities in Enacting Measures that apply to a Multitude of Developments in the County, Including the Project.
  • The County is in Violation of the Mandatory Terms of the 2010 General Plan because It Has Not yet Established the Required Development Evaluation System.
  • The County's Affordable Housing Ordinance Is Inconsistent with the 2010 General Plan's Affordability Mandates.
  • The Project Fails to Comply with the General Plan Because the County Failed to Score the Project Against a Development Evaluation System, which is a Mandatory Process Under the General Plan.
  • The Project Was Exempted from the General Plan's Requirements for Affordable Housing, applicable to Other Developers, and the Project Does Not Even Comply with the Current Affordable Housing Ordinance.
  • The Environmental Impact Report for the Project Failed to Comply with California Environment Quality Act.
The hearing is set for October 6 in before Judge Lydia M. Villarreal.

Another Change in Val Verde Proposal 

After requesting postponement of his appeal of the Planning Commission's denial of his 31-unit project on Val Verde Drive to September 11th, developer Brian Clark is now asking for a hearing as soon as possible. 

Pris Walton, President
Carmel Valley Association
  Curious About CVA?

Carmel Valley Association is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful community organizations in Monterey County. We are entirely volunteer, with no paid employees. Our mission is to defend the beauty, resources and rural character of our beautiful valley. We do that by working with residents, businesses, and government.
CVA was instrumental in the adoption of the Carmel Valley Master Plan and recently settled a lawsuit with Monterey County regarding traffic measurement and capping future development on very favorable terms for our valley. Our volunteer experts represent Carmel Valley's interest, testifying before governmental bodies concerning development, water, traffic, road signs, and other quality of life issues.

We keep valley residents informed about important issues and events with our online Calendar, our weekly email Bulletin, which goes to over 850 residents, and our quarterly Newsletter, which is mailed to over 7,000 valley addresses .

To provide a venue for differing perspectives, we are starting to publish letters and guest commentaries in our E-Bulletin. Let us hear from you so that we can include your thinking in our deliberations.

Please limit your letters to no more than 250 words and commentaries to 600 words. We also encourage you to provide informational items, topical essays, and photos related to the Carmel Valley and the Carmel Valley Association's mission. Submissions may be edited for length and clarity. Send your letters and comments to

or reply to this email