Safety is our Number One Priority!
 Westlake Academy Carpool Pickup Update
August 23, 2016

Dear Parents: 

As we settle in to the first full week of school, we would like to provide the following update with regard to picking up students each afternoon. 

How does my PYP Student get to the MYP Carline?

Safety is always our number one priority at Westlake Academy. That being said, we would like to reinforce expectations for carpool pickup when families have students in multiple programs. Older siblings in MYP/DP will be expected to pick up younger siblings in PYP (grades K-3) and walk them down to the MYP carline within 15 minutes of dismissal. Students in grades 4 and 5 are permitted to walk independently to the MYP carline. If they wish, parents can opt for older students to pick up these students as well.  

Yesterday at flag we provided this information to students. We wanted to follow-up with a communication to you to alleviate any questions you may have.

What if one of my students is participating in an after school activity?

Our school policy is that all students be picked up from school by 3:45. If you have one or more of your students participating in after school sports, activities, or tutoring, this time is adjusted accordingly for the participating students only. As all students must be supervised while on campus, any student not involved in an after school activity must be picked up from campus by 3:45.

Any questions may be directed to PYP Principal Rod Harding at or to MYP Principal Andra Barton at . As an additional reference,
you may view the car pool traffic flow map here.  

Thank you for helping us to ensure the safety of all students at Westlake Academy! 
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