Carroll's Crisis in State Aid to Education
Carroll Teachers Should Support Larry Hogan
Marylanders for Joe GettyOctober 1, 2014





From the Town Hall Meeting

In Manchester last night:


Every four years, the Maryland State teachers union sends a pre-election political propaganda edition of their magazine "Action Line" to their members across the state.


As is to be expected, the edition sent last week (to be received about one month before Election Day) is purely political and features a "compare-and-contrast" chart thinly disguised as news reporting but functioning as a full-page campaign ad that glorifies Anthony Brown and scorches Larry Hogan.


It used to bother me that this union that wants to be known as the "Maryland State Education Association" and purportedly represents all teachers throughout the state is instead so grossly partisan. Over the years, however, I have come to learn from experience that the state teachers union and the Maryland Democratic Party are sycophantically one and the same.


What is interesting in this gubernatorial campaign's propaganda piece is that it includes an article about the County Commissioner races in Carroll County.


How ironic that the teachers union supports Anthony Brown when his administration has been the main culprit in underfunding education in Carroll County.


Why any teacher in Carroll County would vote for Anthony Brown is beyond comprehension?


As you can see from the graph above and the report (click here) that I shared with the Carroll County Commissioners last month, the O'Malley-Brown Administration has been responsible for a precipitous decline in state aid to education that has been the root-cause of Carroll's education crisis.


At the same time when millions of dollars have flowed into the Education Trust Fund from the state's gaming revenues, the O'Malley-Brown Administration failed to provide Carroll County with a maintenance of effort for state aid to local education.


How much have Carroll County students received from the O'Malley-Brown Administration through the $810 million in the Education Trust Fund? Not one penny of increased state aid.


Just three years ago, the state and county were equal partners - each appropriating $165 million - in funding Carroll's public schools.


The O'Malley-Brown budgets over the last three years have cut state aid to Carroll. From the $165 million benchmark, the cuts have totaled over $21 million.


In contrast and to the teacher's favor, the County Commissioners have provided an extra $10 million over the $165 million base from FY12.


How does the state teachers union respond? By bashing the County Commissioners and portraying them as Neanderthals in the world of education funding:


"For years, school funding in conservative Carroll County was at the mercy of county commissioners convinced that slashing school funding to a bare minimum was the only approach. Public meetings had become more and more contentious and ill-informed politicians made poor decision after poor decision as they cut taxes and closed schools at the expense of the students' futures, educators' morale, and community pride."


The union rhetoric belies the facts of Carroll's crisis in education funding.


It is the union that is "ill-informed" - or else they are ignoring the facts because it does not fit their political agenda.


It is the O'Malley-Brown Administration that has been "slashing school funding to a bare minimum" in Carroll County "at the expense of students' futures, educators' morale, and community pride."


If Carroll County teachers vote based upon their own "pocketbook" issues, they certainly won't vote for Anthony Brown when local teacher raises have been virtually nonexistent during the eight year tenure of the O'Malley-Brown Administration.


In next year's budget, the Carroll County Board of Education will be requesting an additional $11 million to operate the schools and fund the negotiated raise package for teachers.


Had the O'Malley-Brown Administration maintained support for Carroll County education at the FY12 level, that $11 million would already be in next year's state aid appropriation.


Instead, if it falls to the County Commissioners and they raise local taxes to fund that $11 million shortfall, it would require a 6-cent increase on the real property tax rate.


How bad has O'Malley-Brown been for Carroll County education? When the Senate added language to the FY 14 budget to provide "hold harmless" relief to Carroll's students and the measure passed the entire General Assembly, the O'Malley-Brown Administration refused to appropriate the additional funding to support Carroll's teachers and students!


Why would any Carroll County teacher vote for Anthony Brown?


If they do, they must be living in a fantasy world.



2014 Elections & Campaign Calendar 


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Taneytown Republican Women's Club Annual Banquet, Taneytown Fire Company Activities Bldg, 6 p.m.


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Sen. Getty speaks at the Carroll County Republican Women's Club meeting, Legends Cafe, TownMall of Westminster, 400 N. Center St. Westminster, 7 p.m.


Oct. 8

DINNER WITH LARRY HOGAN - Sponsored by the Carroll County Republican Central Committee, Reese Fire Hall, Westminster. Details - click here.


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Eldersburg "TOWN HALL" Meeting - Salerno's, 1043 Liberty Rd., Eldersburg, 6:30 to 8 p.m., RSVP to (443) 536-4700. 


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Westminster "TOWN HALL" Meeting - Harry's Restaurant, 65 W. Main St. Westminster, 6:30 to 8 p.m., RSVP to (443) 536-4700.


Oct. 28

EARLY VOTING RALLY - Join in the "Get-Out-The-Vote" activities for Larry Hogan, Joe Getty and the Republican ticket with a rally in Westminster. 5 to 7 p.m.


Oct. 29

Manufacturing "Segars" in Manchester - A history presentation by Sen. Getty at the Carroll County Public Library, North Carroll Branch, 2255 Hanover Pike, Hampstead, Md., 7 p.m. 





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