July 27, 2017
Dr. Stan Gerson
Stan Gerson, MD
Director, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center
Spectacular Velosano Ride: July 22-23
VeloSano 4 - photos
For those of us on the course, at cheering or rest stop sites or volunteering
along the way, it is a proud feeling to be part of an important community event. The weather was handled in a thoughtful way, and that allowed the entire ride to be uneventful and a rousing success!

To see so many thousands of riders, supporters and sponsors enthusiastic in helping support cancer research at Cleveland Clinic and investigator members of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center - what a cause!
Most importantly, this is one that brings us all together. 
VeloSano - Team Case CCC 2017
I was proud to see that we have the 6th largest team - 110 members! Special thanks to team captains Caroline El Sanadi and Mary Wright for their team leadership and organization efforts.

To each member of the Case CCC, be equally proud of this community effort, and thank you to Cleveland Clinic and Stewart Kohl as lead sponsors, and to Brian Bolwell for leading an incredible effort on the part of Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute in coordinating a wonderful event. I cannot imagine how much effort it takes - it was seamless despite the weather.

Cancer research matters and the community is aware:  I heard many along the way call out that they were struggling with cancer treatment, were survivors, and read many written notes on the backs of jerseys identifying their close one or family member with cancer.

I would count that perhaps 2-4% of the riders were cancer researchers, yet all of the funds go to those who spend their careers studying more about cancer.
All of the rest came from the hospitals, commercial enterprise, local and national businesses, the Cleveland Indians etc. They all raised funds and rode for cancer research!  That is a remarkable return on investment: every Case CCC participant is eligible to apply for funding and the funds raised represent at least a 30 to one return on their time and effort. But I also know that along the ride, many conversations take place about the cause and the importance of cancer research to improve the outcomes for our patients and to reduce the impact on those yet to be diagnosed. Every participant would like to see more cancer researchers join the effort !

Just as you don't write an abstract based on research conducted the night before the deadline, so too, we should plan now for participating in next years event.
Let's plan to double participation from the Case CCC team and its investigators at all levels.

I would love to see the funds raised grow and to see the return on investment decline as we more than double our participation rate next year. Plan now to join and get in shape along the way!
Rodeo Therapeutics Secures Funding to Support Development of Small-Molecule Regenerative Therapies
Rodeo Therapeutics, a new biotech start-up  focused on first in class small molecule modulators of prostaglandin biology for enhancing tissue repair and regeneration, recently secured $5.9M Series A funding from Accelerator Corporation, a leading life science investment and management firm.

Joseph Ready - UT
Joseph Ready
Dr. Stan Gerson
Stan Gerson
Sanford Markowitz
Sanford Markowitz
Rodeo Therapeutics' technology is based on the research of company founders Sanford Markowitz, MD, PhD from CWRU School of Medicine and UH Seidman Cancer Center,  Stan Gerson, MD, Director of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Joseph Ready, PhD from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. 

"Stan Gerson and I are delighted and excited at the launching of Rodeo Therapeutics," said Markowitz. "Having Rodeo will give us the chance to be bring forward for testing in patients of the basic science discovery of the power of 15-PGDH inhibitor drugs, that our Cancer Center team discovered, as agents for tissue regeneration." 

Markowitz also expressed gratitude for strong institutional support during the commercial development of this technology, including the Harrington Discovery Institute, the Council on Advancing Human Health, and the National Center for Accelerating Innovation at the Cleveland Clinic. 

The company's first clinical targets will be to accelerate the return of normal blood counts in cancer patients after bone marrow transplantation, which will hopefully make this potentially life saving therapy safer and more successful, and to speed healing in colitis patients.  Longer term, the team sees application in treating many diseases that involve tissue damage and repair.  

"Working with Drs. Markowitz and Gerson, we've discovered some promising drug leads that appear safe and effective in rodent models of disease. We're excited to start the final polishing process to discover drug candidates that can be evaluated in humans," said Ready. "Rodeo will bring in expertise in all aspects of drug discovery and give us the best chance of identifying new therapeutics."
2nd Annual Melanoma Conference
Aug 16 | InterContinental Hotel
Registration is open for the 2nd Annual Melanoma Conference: Case-Based Discussion of Treatment Options for Melanoma, Wednesday, August 16 from 10a-4p at the InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center. 

This medical education program for health care professionals will feature guest panelist, Charles Balch, MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Balch serves on the editorial board of The Patient Resource Cancer Guide (founding Editor) and American Board of Surgery. He is President of The Society of Surgical Oncology and The American Joint Committee on Cancer of Melanoma Staging Committee Chairman.

To register, please contact Becky Habecker, Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute Melanoma Program Manager, at habeckb@ccf.org or 216.445.2612. 
RNA Therapeutics Symposium
Aug 18 | Normandy Catering, Wickliffe
Conference organizers Ahmed Khalil and Jeff Coller invite you attend the RNA Therapeutics Symposium. This symposium will feature talks by Nicole Steinmetz, Mark Cameron, Drew Adams, Kristian Baker, Anton Komar, Rick Padgett, Analisa Difeo, Mitch Drumm and 
Donny Licatalosi. Please RSVP to jmc71@case.edu
by August 4th - space is limited. 
Call for Abstracts: 2nd Annual MetroHealth Cancer Center Symposium
Sep 22, 2017 | MetroHealth Medical Center
MetroHealth logo We invite you to submit an abstract for MetroHealth's 2nd annual Cancer Center Symposium The theme for the symposium is "The Science of Preemptive Strike:  Prevention and Early Detection of Cancers." All cancer-related topics such as medical oncology, palliative care, survivorship, navigation, as well as work in progress, will be considered for inclusion in the symposium. All accepted submissions will be considered for the Poster Session. Nurses and other allied health care providers, residents, fellows and medical students are invited to submit their original work.  Previously presented work may also be submitted.

Abstract submission specifications:
  • Abstracts must be sent directly to Jennifer Prechtel at jprechtel@metrohealth.org (216.778.2822) no later than August 25, 2017
  • Abstracts must be submitted as word documents.
  • Abstracts are limited to 400 words.
  • Posters should be no larger than 6 feet by 4 feet.
  • Include the following:
    • Title
    • Institution
    • Author(s)
    • Category (i.e. oncology, palliative care, survivorship, navigation)
    • Background
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion
  • You will receive an email confirmation within two business days following submission.
  • Letters of acceptance will be emailed by August 29, 2017, to the first author/presenter.
Global Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Congress
Dec 5-7, 2017 | Atlanta, GA
Teen Cancer America Building on the success of Teenage Cancer Trust's International Conference Series and the professional global networks that have developed through subsequent world-wide advances in AYA cancer services, Teen Cancer America is proud to host the 2nd Global AYA Cancer Congress. This will be the first Congress held outside of the UK, in the wonderful host city of Atlanta, Georgia.  Healthcare professionals from across the world, including oncologists, hematologists, research scientists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, youth workers, allied health professionals, advocates, and more, are invited to join this groundbreaking summit.

Call for Abstracts
The Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Global Accord invites submissions for presentation at the 2nd Global AYA Cancer Congress. Deadline to submit is Sep 1, 2017. 
CNN - Jul 20, 2017
Clinical trials being conducted across the United States are exploring immunotherapies, vaccines and targeted therapies in addition to traditional treatments, said Dr. Manmeet Ahluwalia, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, a brain tumor oncologist, professor and director of the brain metastasis program at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.  He is not involved in McCain's care, but his team at the Cleveland Clinic has enrolled patients in a number of clinical trials for glioblastoma treatments.
CBS Miami - July 20, 2017
Republican Senator John McCain is fighting one of the most dangerous forms of brain cancer. He revealed the diagnosis less than a week after surgery to remove a blood clot. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic hospital in Phoenix, Arizona also removed a tumor called a glioblastoma - a brain cancer that can be very deadly. Experts say this type of cancer is aggressive and tough to treat. "A glioblastoma is the most common and unfortunately also the most malignant primary brain tumor," said Dr. Andrew Sloan, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, Director of the Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. 
Conquer Cancer Foundation 
The Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology is accepting applications for the following opportunities: 

International Innovation Grants  provide research funding in support of novel and innovative projects that can have a significant impact on cancer control in low- and middle-income countries (LMCs).  It is intended to support proposals that have the potential to reduce the cancer burden in local communities, while also being potentially transferable to other low- or middle-income settings.
Deadline: Jul 31, 2017

Career Development Awards  provide research funding to clinical investigators, who have received their initial faculty appointment, as they work to establish an independent clinical cancer research program. This research must have a patient-oriented focus, including a clinical research study and/or translational research involving human subjects. Proposals with a predominant focus on in vitro or animal studies (even if clinically relevant) are not allowed.
Deadline: Sep 21, 2017

Global Oncology Young Investigator Awards  provide research funding to early-career investigators to encourage and promote quality research in global oncology and to develop the next generation researchers to address global health needs. Global oncology refers to the application of the concepts of global health to cancer, and implies an approach to the practice of oncology that acknowledges the reality of limited resources in most parts of the world.  
Deadline: Sep 21, 2017

Young Investigator Awards provides funding to promising investigators to encourage and promote quality research in clinical oncology. The purpose of this grant is to fund physicians during the transition from a fellowship program to a faculty appointment.
Deadline: Sep 21, 2017
Request for Proposals for Case CCC Funding for Early Phase Clinical Trials
The Case CCC is encouraging investigators to submit Letters of Intent (LOI) for Early Phase Clinical Research Support (EPCRS) funding. These in-house funds are available for the conduct of early phase (Phase 0, 1, pilot/feasibility) clinical trials of relatively short duration which are focusing on initial early phase testing of a candidate agent or device for the diagnosis, prevention detection or treatment of cancer.

This is the last year when EPCRS funds are available in their current form, as such this is the last chance to apply for funding for applicable studies. Proposals are being accepted on a rolling basis. 

Please direct any questions and/or submit LOIs to Katarzyna Karelus, Case CCC Clinical Research Office,  katarzyna.karelus@case.edu, 216.844.4176.
NIH BULLETIN- Notices and Funding Opportunities
Notice to Expire the "Tobacco Regulatory Science (R01)" RFA-OD-17-007 (NOT-OD-17-091)

Notice to Expire the "Tobacco Regulatory Science (R21)" RFA-OD-17-009 (NOT-OD-17-093)

Notice of Early Expiration of PAR-15-281 "Multidisciplinary Studies of HIV and Aging (R03)" (NOT-AG-17-011)

Notice of NCI's Participation on PA-17-135 "Public Policy Effects on Alcohol-, Marijuana-, and Other Substance-Related Behaviors and Outcomes (R01)" (NOT-CA-17-069)

Notice of NCI's Participation on PA-17-132 "Public Policy Effects on Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Substance-Related Behaviors and Outcomes (R21)" (NOT-CA-17-070)

Notice of NCI's Participation on PA-17-134 Public Policy Effects on Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Substance-Related Behaviors and Outcomes (R03) (NOT-CA-17-071)

Notice of Change of the Review and Selection Process of RFA-RM-17-007 "NIH Director's Transformative Research Awards (R01)" (NOT-RM-17-035)

Request for Information: Opportunities and Challenges for Platform Vector Human Gene Therapy Trials in Rare Diseases (NOT-TR-17-019)

Notice of Clarification to PAR-17-035 "Platform Delivery Technologies for Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (R43/R44)" (NOT-TR-17-020)

Notice of Clarification to PAR-17-036: Platform Delivery Technologies for Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (R41/R42)(NOT-TR-17-021)

Call for Applications/Program Announcements

The NHGRI Genomic Data Science Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-space (AnVIL)(U24)(RFA-HG-17-011)
Deadline: Nov 9, 2017

Tobacco Regulatory Science Small Grant Program for New Investigators (R03)(RFA-OD-17-012 - resissue of RFA-OD-17-008)
Application Deadline:  Sep 18, 2017; Feb 13, 2018; Jul 17, 2018; Feb 13, 2019

Tobacco Regulatory Science (R01)(RFA-OD-17-013 - reissue of RFA-OD-17-007)
Application Deadline: Sep 18, 2017; Feb 13, 2018; Jul 17, 2018; Feb 13, 2019

Tobacco Regulatory Science (R21)(RFA-OD-17-014 - reissue of RFA-OD-17-009)
Application Deadline: Sep 18, 2017; Feb 13, 2018; Jul 17, 2018; Feb 13, 2019

Program Announcements

Using Small Molecules and Molecular Genetics to Identify Novel Targets and Mechanisms Contributing to Tumor Immune Evasion (R01)(PA-17-330)

Deadline: Standard dates apply

Discovery of Small Molecule Immunomodulators for Cancer Therapy (R01)(PAR-17-331)
Deadline: Standard dates apply
Fri, Jul 28
Taussig Cancer Institute Grand Rounds
8a R3/002-003

Cellular and Molecular Medicine Seminar
Drew Adams, PhD
Assistant Professor, Genetics and Genome Sciences, CWRU

"New Opportunities for Small-Molecule Drug Discovery on Campus"
10a NC1-202
Tues, Aug 1
THOR Seminar
Josh Allen
1p R3-027
Wed, Aug 2
Hem/Onc Div Res Conf
8a Lerner B-151
Thurs, Aug 3
3rd Annual Data and Life Science Collaboration and Symposium
Tinkham Veale University Center

Developmental Therapeutics Journal Club
9a R4-013
Fri, Aug 4
3rd Annual Data and Life Science Collaboration and Symposium
Tinkham Veale University Center

TCI Grand Rounds
8a CA5-120 Cleveland Clinic
Tues, Aug 8
THOR Seminar
Janssen Oncology Pipeline
1p R3-027


RNA Therapeutics Symposium
Aug 17, 2017
Normandy Catering, Wickliffe

Genomic Medicine Institute 5th Annual Genetics Education Symposium - Genetics and Genomics: A Focus on Women's Health
Sep 7, 2017
InterContinental Hotel

International Cancer Education Conference
Sep 13-15, 2017
Westin Cleveland Downtown

Responsible Opioid Management: Impact on Hospice and Palliative Care
Sep 22, 2017
Embassy Suites, Independence

GvHD National Symposium
Oct 13, 2017
Grand Event Center, Columbus, OH
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center 
11100 Euclid Avenue, Wearn152
Cleveland, OH 44106-5065