March 30, 2017
Defeating Cancer 
Defeating Cancer banner Tune in to WVIZ/PBS tonight at 8p to watch the new documentary, Defeating Cancer, which chronicles the journey of several cancer patients while highlighting recent advances in cancer treatment and precision medicine. Cancer Center members  Drs. Stan Gerson, Christopher Hoimes, Vinod Labhasetwar,  David Mansur, and Geoffrey Vince are all featured in this informative documentary.  
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Analyzes Brain Tumor Data, Doubles Known Risk Factors for Glioma
A massive new study involving blood samples from over 30,000 individuals has identified 13 new genetic risk factors for glioma, the most common type of malignant brain tumor in adults. The study, published in Nature Genetics [ Melin BS. Nat Genet 2017 Mar 27], reveals specific differences in a person's DNA that increase susceptibility to glioma tumors, and for the first time allows doctors to distinguish between a person's risk of developing tumor subtypes including glioblastoma and non-glioblastoma. Together malignant brain tumors cause an estimated 13,000 deaths in the United States annually.

Jill Barnholtz-Sloan_ PhD
Jill Barnholtz-Sloan
"Because of the large sample size used in this study, for the first time we were able to assess if genetic risk was different for glioblastoma versus non-glioblastoma. Indeed their genetic risk profiles are different," said  Jill Barnholtz-Sloan, PhDAssociate Director for Bioinformatics, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Sally S. Morley Designated Professor in Brain Tumor Research at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Barnholtz-Sloan served as local primary investigator in the study and helped lead the data management and data analysis alongside Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Doctoral Student, Quinn Ostrom, MA, MPH, and Biostatistician, Yanwen Chen, PhD, MS. more>
Rarely Studied Gene USF3 Plays Role in Predisposition to Thyroid Cancer
Lerner Research Institute - Mar 27, 2017
Dr. Charis Eng
Charis Eng
Charis Eng, MD, PhD, of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and Cleveland Clinic and her team have discovered that a faulty, rarely studied gene called USF3 may predispose individuals to thyroid cancer. They recently published this discovery in  Human Molecular Genetics [ Ni Y. Hum Mol Genet. 2017].

Differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) is the fastest rising incident cancer in the U.S. Although epidemiologic studies show that thyroid cancer is the most familial of all solid tumors, the known genes predisposing to DTC do not account for all the familial nature of DTC.
Dr. Eng, Chair of the Genomic Medicine Institute in Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute, is an expert in the study of Cowden syndrome (CS), an autosomal disorder that predisposes individuals to breast, thyroid and other epithelial cancers. Patients with CS develop noncancerous growths, called hamartomas, which can appear on the skin, in mucous membranes and in the intestinal tract. This disease affects at least one in 200,000 people. With up to 50 percent of CS patients testing negative for all known genetic mutations, the syndrome remains an underdiagnosed and difficult-to-recognize condition. more>
Cancer Center Member Images Selected for NCI Cancer Close Up Project
Images submitted by Cancer Center members have been chosen as part of the 2017 National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Close Up project. The images will be featured at the AACR or ASCO Annuals meetings, or  online at the  NCI Visuals Online website [details below].

Nanoparticles Deliver Theranostic Imaging Agent
Will be displayed (a cropped version to fit display parameters) at the NCI exhibit booth (#4052) during the ASCO meeting in Chicago, June 2-6, along with other images selected by our reviewers.
Creators: Joey Mangadlao, Xinning Wang, Christopher McCleese, Clemens Burda, James Basilion

Nanoparticles Arriving at Target in Brain Cancer Cells
Included in the full online collection.
Creators: Joey Mangadlao, Yu Cheng, Xinning Wang, Christopher McCleese, Clemens Burda, James Basilion

Nanoparticles in Breast Cancer Metastases
Will be displayed at the NCI exhibit booth (#1407) during the AACR meeting in Washington D.C., April 1-5.
Creators: Felicia He, William Schiemann, Pubudu Peiris, Efstathios Karathanasis

Targeted Nanochains in Brain Tumor
Will be displayed at the NCI exhibit booth (#4052) during the ASCO meeting in Chicago, June 2-6.
Creators: Gil Covarrubias, David Wilson, Chris Flask, Efstathios Karathanasis

American Association for Cancer Research 
Annual  Meeting 2017
AACR logo The American Association for Cancer Research ( AACR) will hold its annual meeting April 1-5, 2017 in Washington, DC. This meeting highlights the best cancer science and medicine world-wide, and we are excited to have many members and trainees participating. 

We have compiled a list of Case Comprehensive Cancer Center presentations [ view list]. We do our best to make the list comprehensive. However, if we missed you, please  email  and we will correct the version posted online. 

Best of luck to all participants! 
Madabhushi Team Awarded Patent on Lung Cancer Diagnosis
Anant Madabhushi
Anant Madabhushi
Anant  Madabhushi, PhD, the F. Alex Nason professor II of biomedical engineering and director of the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD), and his team were issued a patent relating to lung nodule diagnosis on non-contrast CT scans.

U.S. patent 9,595,103 titled "Textural Analysis of Lung Nodules" describes methods, apparatus and other embodiments  associated with classifying a lung nodule on a CT scan using textural analysis. One example apparatus includes an image acquisition logic that acquires an image of a region of tissue demonstrating Ground Glass opacity (GGO) nodule pathology, a delineation logic that distinguishes GGO nodule tissue within the image from the background of the image, a texture logic that extracts a set of texture features from the image, a phenotype signature logic that computes a phenotypic signature from the image, a shape logic that extracts a set of shape features from the image, and a classification logic that classifies the GGO nodule tissue based, at least in part, on the set of texture features, the phenotypic signature, or the set of shape features. A prognosis for a patient may be provided based on the classification of the image.  Co-inventors include Drs Mirabela Rusu, Mahdi Orooji, and Mehdi Alilou. Drs Rusu and Alilou are former research associates at CCIPD while Dr. Orooji is currently a postdoctoral fellow at CCIPD. 
Case CCC Clinical Research Retreat
Apr 17, 2017 | Wolstein Research Building
The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Clinical Research Retreat will take place Monday, Apr 17 from 5-7p in the Wolstein Research Building on CWRU campus. The agenda will focus on "How do I get an investigator-initiated trial approved and funded." Attendees will be eligible to receive 1.5 CME Category 2 hours.   Pre-registration is required .  

Please contact Drs. Dale Shepard (  or Michael Gibson ( with any questions.
Case CCC Annual Scientific Retreat
Jul 20-21, 2017 | CWRU campus
The Case CCC Annual Scientific Retreat will be held July 20-21, 2017. The program is still being finalized, the afternoon of Thursday, July 20 will feature a director's overview by Dr. Stan Gerson, a keynote address by an invited speaker, and a student and trainee poster session. 

The program on Friday, July 21 will differ from past years, and will serve as practice for our upcoming NCI site visit. Attendance on this day is only open to invited Cancer Center leaders and key personnel. 

More details about the retreat will be posted soon. In the meantime, save the date and encourage your students and trainees to submit abstracts! 
International Cancer Education Conferenceicec
Sep 13-15, 2017 | Westin Cleveland Downtown
ICEC 2017 The International Cancer Education Conference is the only meeting in North America totally dedicated to cancer education - ranging from medical professionals to patients and community education.  We invite you to submit an abstract and attend this meeting of national and international specialists in cancer education, survivorship and palliative care focused on advocacy, scientific investigation, program and curriculum development, skill training, and evaluation.  National leaders will be presenting special programs on grant writing (National Cancer Institute), cancer and the elderly (Cancer and Aging Research Group), surgical oncology (American College of Surgeons), plus dedicated mentoring opportunities will be available to present to content experts. The deadline for oral and poster presentations is April 3, 2017.

ideastream - Mar 28, 2017
In recent years, many cancer drugs have increased in price, with one type of colon cancer drug costing up to $30,000 for an 8-week treatment. Coping with those skyrocketing costs, as well as the complexities of health insurance, has come to be known as financial toxicity, according to Dr. Neal Meropol, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center.  "Now, more and more it's quite clear that there's a new dimension of toxicity, of side effect, and that is the financial toxicity of cancer diagnosis and treatment," Dr. Meropol said.
ideastream - Mar 29, 2017
We've all been impacted by cancer in some way. Now, a new ideastream-produced documentary looks at how patients, doctors and scientists are battling the disease. 
Guests:  Christopher Hoimes, DO, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center. 
Opportunities for Pilot Projects in Genomics
Deadline: Apr 21, 2017
The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center is providing seed funding for the initiation of novel projects that focus on genomic analyses of tissue/blood samples from patients seen at University Hospitals of Cleveland. Projects must be aligned with at least one of the seven Research Programs (GI Cancer Genetics, Molecular Oncology, GU Malignancies, Hematopoietic and Immune Cancer Biology, Developmental Therapeutics, Cancer Imaging, or Cancer Prevention, Control, & Population Research) or the Brain Tumor, Breast Cancer, or AYA research initiatives within the Center. Highly innovative and impactful proposals are sought that will generate key data for larger, nationally competitive grants that interface with the Strategic Plan of the aligned program(s). Collaborative, multi-investigator projects are particularly encouraged. Analysis of samples obtained from patients in clinical trials, high risk families, or underserved populations are particularly encouraged. Use of genomics tools is required with preference for sequencing and analytics studies preferred through the genomics shared resource or through UHTL. IRB review may be pending at the time of submission.
cancer-disparitiesPilot Projects in Cancer Disparities Research
Deadline: Apr 7, 2017
A major goal of the Office of Cancer Disparities Research and the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (Case CCC) at Case Western Reserve University is to reduce and eliminate social and racial/ethnic disparities in cancer outcomes. Efforts toward overcoming cancer disparities have great potential to achieve cancer health equity. However, research advances in cancer prevention, detection, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship have not affected all segments of the U.S. population equally, particularly those characterized by race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, health insurance status, and/or geographic location. Many of these disparities are also observed within the Case CCC catchment area. The main goal of this RFA is to stimulate novel research designed to (1) improve understanding of the causes of cancer disparities and (2) develop and test interventions for reducing and ultimately eliminating them. Transdisciplinary, interprogrammatic, and translational approaches are especially encouraged, as are new investigator proposals.
Cancer Center Summer Training for Medical Students
Deadline: Mar 31, 2017
The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center is looking for medical students interested in summer research opportunities.

There are 9 openings available, with 5 supported by the Brian Werbel Memorial Fund and 4 by the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  • Completed application and reference letter due by: Friday, March 31, 2017
  • Awardees must be conducting cancer research with a Case Comprehensive Cancer Center member. View list of members.
  • Those receiving the Brian Werbel Memorial Fund awards must attend the annual golf outing.
Contact Damian Junk at with any questions.
phase1Case CCC Funding for Pilot/Phase I Clinical Trials
Deadline: Rolling 
The Case CCC is encouraging investigators to submit Letters of Intent (LOI) for Early Phase Clinical Research Support (EPCRS) funding. These in-house funds are available for the conduct of early phase clinical trials of relatively short duration. Priority will be given to trials which are developed jointly between UH and CCF with planned accrual at both institutions.

The proposals are being accepted on a rolling basis subject to availability of funds.

Please direct any questions and/or submit LOIs to Katarzyna Karelus, Case CCC Clinical Research Office,, 216.844.4176.
NIH BULLETIN- Notices and Funding Opportunities
Call for Applications/Program Announcements

Intensive Longitudinal Analysis of Health Behaviors: Leveraging New Technologies to Understand Health Behaviors (U01)(RFA-OD-17-004)
Deadline: May 25, 2017; Sep 25, 2017; Jan 25, 2018

Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science for Research Relevant to the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (U54)(RFA-OD-17-006)
Deadline: Jul 19, 2017
Fri, Mar 31
Cancer Center Seminar Series
Stephen J. Lippard, PhD
Arthur Amos Noyes Professor, Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Platinum and Other Metal-Based Anticancer Drugs"
12p BRB 105

Pathology Seminar
Lewis Shi MD, PhD
MD Anderson Cancer Center
"Rejuvenating T Cell Functionality in Cancer Immunotherapy"
4:30p WRB 5-136
Mon, Apr 3
Cancer Center Research Chalk Talk
1p WRB 3-136

Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Group
4p WRB 3-136

Physiology & Biophysics
Cynthia Czajkowski, PhD
Vilas Distinguished Professor, Neuroscience, University of Wisconsin - Madison
"Detecting Ligand Induced Motions in Pentameric Ligand-gated Ion Channels"
4p SOM E501
Tues, Apr 4
Radiation Oncology Grand Rounds
Joseph Baar, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Medicine- Hematology, CWRU/UH; Member, Case CCC
"Immunotherapy and Radiation Therapy: Harnessing the Abscopal Effect"
8:10a Lerner B-151

Cancer Biology Seminar
Yi Hu, PhD
Research Fellow, Zhao Lab, Cancer Biology, Cleveland Clinic
"Targeting MALAT1/PARP1/LIG3 Complex Induce DNA Damage and Cell Apoptosis in Multiple Myeloma"
2p NC1-202
Wed, Apr 5
Hem/Onc Div Res Conf
8a Lerner B-151

Immunology Students/Fellows Research In Progress Series
Mala Upadhyay Postdoctoral Fellow, Gupta Lab, Immunology, Cleveland Clinic
Hao Zhou
Postdoctoral Fellow, Li Lab, Immunology, Cleveland Clinic
12p NC1-202
Thurs, Apr 6
Developmental Therapeutics Journal Club
9a R4-013

Neurosciences Seminar
Alcino J. Silva, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles
"Molecular, Cellular and Circuit Mechanisms that Link Memories Across Time"
12:10p BRB 105

Molecular Biology & Microbiology Seminar
Pushpa Pandiyan
Molecular Biology & Microbiology, CWRU
"Defining the Role of CD4+Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells in Immunopathogenesis of HIV Disease"
1p SOM W203

Team Case CCC VeloSano Meet and Greet 
4:30-7p TOLI 12117 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland
Fri, Apr 7
TCI Grand Rounds
Yogen Saunthararajah, MD
Professor and Staff, Hematologic Oncology and Blood Disorders, Cleveland Clinic; Co-Leader, Developmental Therapeutics Program, Case CCC
"Higher Level Pathway Objectives of Epigenetic Therapy - A Solution for the p53 Problem in Cancer"
8a R3/002-003

Cancer Center Seminar Series
Kimberly Kelly, PhD
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Robert M. Berne Cardiovascular Research Center, University of Virginia
"Hitting the Target: Imaging, Drug Delivery and Nanotechnology"
12p BRB 105


AACR Annual Meeting 2017
Apr 1-5, 2017
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC

Case CCC Clinical Research Retreat
Apr 17, 2017
Wolstein Research Building

Advances in the Multidisciplinary Management of Lung Cancer: From Screening to Immunotherapy
Apr 22, 2017 InterContinental Hotel

Hyaluronan Cleveland 2017 
Jun 11-15, 2017
InterContinental Hotel

AACI Clinical Research Initiative Meeting
Jul 12-13, 2017
Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel
Deadline to submit abstracts: May 9

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Conference 2017
Aug 14-16, 2017
Marriott Key Center   
Deadline to submit abstracts: Jun 2

International Cancer Education Conference
Sep 13-15, 2017
Westin Cleveland Downtown
Deadline to submit abstracts: Apr 3

GvHD National Symposium
Oct 13, 2017
Grand Event Center, Columbus, OH

Case Comprehensive Cancer Center 
11100 Euclid Avenue, Wearn152
Cleveland, OH 44106-5065