October News from Cat Care Clinic
We're  Pumped Up  on 
Heart Disease Detection and Prevention
If you haven't read our blog post on feline heart disease, please do. Heart disease is a silent killer of cats and too often we see cats in a heart failure crisis. Our role is to educate you on all options for heart disease detection, treatment, and options.
Some common heart diseases such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy are common in cats 5-7 years old, or sooner. Even if a heart murmur is never heard, these cats can present in critical respiratory distress before any other symptoms show. 
Although the gold standard for assessing heart health is a non-invasive echocardiogram, there are blood tests and other diagnostics to screen and clue us into whether we need to focus more closely on your cat's heart. Each cat is unique, so please:
Celebrating  National Veterinary 
Technician Week in October!
Most of you who bring your cats to CCC for care know how critical these ladies are to Cat Care Clinic. Our technicians and assistants are completely devoted to the welfare of cats, to exceptional service for our clients, and to assisting with that unconditional bond that our clients have with their cats. They are all ailurophiles (cat lovers!) and they "get it". We're honored to have these skilled technicians, with anywhere from a few years to many DECADES of veterinary experience. 

Thank you to Jessica, Mikayla, Sheryl, Rachel, Kara, Tamara, and Note We could not practice the quality of care to our
 beloved feline friends without them!
Successful Adoptions, but Always More Cats Needing Love
We're happy to announce that in the past few months, we've helped find loving homes for Cicely and Mallory! We're hosting a sweet grey 2 year old named Felicia now...come on by to meet her. We thank Angel's Wish Pet Adoption and Rescue for teaming with us to provide a quiet, calm temporary home for these adult cats that get nervous at crowded adoption fairs and pet shops. 

Join the CatPurrson club...
and wear it with Pride! 

Have you seen our CatPurrson shirts and pins? All proceeds go toward feline charities and make great gifts for those cool cat people in your life!

Stop by CCC to see all the fun colors 
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Boarding and Care at CCC
Don't forget to reserve your cat's spot with us for care while you're gone for the holidays! Our love and attention to their needs while with us will keep them happy and healthy. Arthritis, anxiety, diabetes, special medical or dietary needs, or just in need of extra safe and quiet TLC? We're here for them, please call us for more information.         
Thanks to all of you who allow us to help care for your cat and be a part of the special bond that you have with your sweet, furry (or not-so-furry) felines--

Kat Luther, DVM
Carrie Bunger, DVM
Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP
Anna Kelton, DVM

And the rest of your cat loving crew at Cat Care Clinic!