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Coming This Week:

Thursday, August 10
8:30 am  
Morning Prayer (Chapel)
6:00 pm
Crossing House Worship, Lamplighter Brewing Co., 284 Broadway, Cambridge

Friday, August 11
12:30 pm  
Muslim Friday Prayers 

Sunday, August 13
10:00 am   
Holy Eucharist, Canon Cristina Rathbone, preacher
12:30 pm  
Holy Eucharist in Chinese  
3:00 pm 
The Redeemed Christian Church of God Worship Service  
Monday, August 14
9:00 am - 3:00 pm   
MANNA Library Hours
10:00 - 11:30 am 
MANNA Leadership Team Meeting
11:30 am - 12:30 pm 
Monday Lunch
1:00 pm  
Holy Eucharist (Sproat Hall)
2:00 pm 
Alcoholics Anonymous (Lawrence Room) 

Tuesday, August 15
9:00 am - 3:00 pm   
MANNA Library Hours
9:30 am  
MANNA Writers' Group (Sproat Hall)
11:00 am  
Christian Meditation 

Wednesday, August 16
12:00 pm Santa Misa en Espanol

Visitor Open Hours this Summer
The church will be open for visitors this summer the following hours:
Sunday - 8 am-5 pm
Monday - 10 am-5 pm
Tuesday - 10 am-5 pm
Wednesday - 10 am-5 pm
Thursday - 10 am-8 pm
Friday - 11 am-2 pm
Saturday - 10 am-4 pm

WhatsGoingOnWhat's Going On?  

Crossing House Church During August
From now through September 7, The Crossing will be holding their Thursday worship at house churches. This Thursday's worship will be at Lamplighter Brewing Co., 284 Broadway in Cambridge.  Come and join The Crossing for worship and fellowship.

Sunday Morning Suggestion Box
The  Sunday Morning Council members are your representatives in making sure the needs of the Sunday Morning congregation are met in hospitality, welcome, prayers for each other's concerns, pastoral care, and deepening our faith and understanding. Your suggestions are wanted and needed as we make plans for the fall. Write your ideas and place them in the suggestion box  at the back of the church on Sundays or speak to (or email) Susan Butler ( another Council member: Mark Felt, Mary Hancock, Jane Lee, Marlene Mugge, Jeffrey Seamans, Ambrose Spencer, Louis Tsien, James Van Looy, Brandy Weddington. 

Spanish Service Wednesdays at 12 
We're pleased to announce that beginning on Wednesday, June 28, there will be Holy Eucharist in Spanish at 12:00 noon every Wednesday. The Rev. Edgar Gutierrez-Duarte and Deacon Ema Rosero-Nordalm will preside. 

Morning Prayer Thursdays at 8:30 a.m.
In a new offering, Morning Prayer will be read every Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in St. John's Chapel. Join us on your way to work.

Office Summer Hours
The Cathedral and Diocesan Offices will be closed on Fridays (the Muslim Friday Prayers will take place as usual in the church), through Labor Day. 

Concerts on the Cathedral Steps Mondays and Thursdays, 12-2 pm
Come by on Mondays and Thursdays between 12 and 2 and enjoy concerts on the Cathedral steps presented by the downtown Boston Improvement District. The concerts are free, the entertainers are great, and it's a wonderful way to enjoy your lunch or just take a break.

New Signage in Front of the Cathedral!
Our new electronic signage is up and running, and we are in the process of learning how to use it. Come by and check it out, including our great video filmed by Celine Voyard and edited by Rebecca Kreshak for the kiosk!

Please keep your pledge payments up to date
We have received pledges from 21 households/individuals totaling almost 2,600 hours of service to our community, almost  6 ,000  hours of prayer, and over $50,000. Please stay up to date with your pledges payments so that we can stay on target with our budgeting. If you need a pledge card you can contact the Cathedral office or pick one up on Sunday in church.

The Pilgrim

Write a Book
by Dylan Kane Rigter
Reduced to the essentials is what I remain
I think that's the right word?
Shit remains literal, and it often does
This time is no different form the last
Love and something of the contrary
It's as trong word
Life Death Right and Wrong
I often find myself walking in circles
between the same thin line
I still can't seem to find her
Perhaps I should find a job
It seems I can't finish one thought
without starting another
Buddy tells me I should write a book
He's such an odd soul
We could all learn a thing or two from him...

The Pilgrim Journal is written by our homeless friends of the Black Seed Writers Group. Sign up for an annual print subscription for $25 by designating your gift to the Monday Lunch Program on our giving page (make sure you specify that your gift is for a Pilgrim Subscription), or send a check to the Cathedral Offices with "Pilgrim Subscription" in the memo line.
Check out our web site at

Congregation Corner
Prayers Requested
Please keep in your prayers especially these members of our congregation:
  • Jennifer Cheong How
  • Margaret Ellen Comer
  • Andrew Del Pilar
  • Gail Farmer
  • Valrie Harris
  • The Rev. Brian S. Kelley
  • Margarita Sanchez-Nutting
  • Vinnie Panico
  • The Rev. Kathryn Piccard
  • Martin
This Sunday
August 13, 2017

See What's Going On? above for details about this Sunday.

During the summer we will have a reduced number of servers at the altar: vergers, sub-deacons and acolytes will be given a break from their duties during this time.

Please speak to Deacon Cynthia Pape if you are interested in serving at the altar during our services, or serving with the Altar Guild to assist with preparation and cleaning up after services. Churches rely on their members to help make our services possible, so please consider committing to help out.
Rosters and Readers 
Lessons for August 13, 2017

For the lessons for the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 14),  click    here.

(Track 1)
Le aders of Worship - August 13 , 2017
The Rev. Nancy E. Gossling
Preacher & Presider The Rev. Canon Cristine Rathbone
The Rev. Cynthia D. Pape
Chalice Ministers
Richie Lizine, Celine Voyard
Richie Lizine
Lectors, 1st Lesson
Kenneth Farmer
             2nd Lesson  Jean Morrow
EstherDavid Steffens
Healing Minister
Jan Rowe
Organist/Choir Director
Louise E. Mundinger
Cecilia Ibeabuchi, Stanley Ibeabuchi

Coffee Hour Host
Louis Tsien

Coming Up and Reminders
The 8:00 Sunday Eucharist is on hiatus until further notice.

Two of the Cathedral's and St. John's long-time and faithful friends, Vinnie Panico and The Rev. Kathryn Piccard , are in nursing care and would like visits or to hear from us via cards and notes! Vinnie's at Milton House Center, 1200 Brush Hill Rd., Milton, MA 02186-2337. Kathryn's address is 417 South Ave., Holmes, PA, 19043.

The Crossing, our church community for young adults and others who are searching for a less structured approach to worship, offers Holy Eucharist every  Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in the cathedral sanctuary, followed by fellowship in our church building or at a nearby restaurant.  For more information about worship and The Crossing's many other offerings, go to or email
NOTE: See the notice in What's Going On about The Crossing's house worship during August.

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