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 This week is Catholic Schools Week. It is a week for us to celebrate our parish school. I encourage you to enroll your children in our school. If you are a grandparent, please encourage your children to send their children to our school.
When our parish was established in 1923, the parishioners wanted to have a parish school. From 1923-38, our parish grew to approximately 450 families. Realizing the need for Catholic education in    this community, Archbishop Murray asked the parish’s founding pastor, Father George Rowles, to build   a school for the children of Columbia Heights. However, Father Rowles felt that the condition of his  health did not warrant such an undertaking. Therefore, Archbishop Murray transferred Father Rowles and appointed Father Joseph Lapiniski in January 1938 as the new pastor of Immaculate Conception. Father Lapinski broke ground for the new school on May 25, 1939. In September 1939 the new school opened with an enrollment of 224 students occupying six of the nine classrooms. The three classrooms on the south end of the building were living quarters for the seven nuns from the Order of St. Francis who staffed the school (Source: House of God, Gate of Heaven, 1958, parish archives).
We are blessed to have a school at our parish. Our school gives us the opportunity to teach the Catholic faith to our students all day long. Having a parish school is one of the best tools for evangelization because it allows us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children, their parents, and their families.
I am grateful to my parents for sending me to Catholic grade school from grades 1-7. Looking back I can see how I was formed in my faith at the parish school of my home parish of St. Margaret Mary in Golden Valley.
Catholic schools allow students to talk about God throughout the day and in every class subject. Catholic schools give students a chance to incorporate their faith in all facets of their studies, social interactions, recreation, and daily activities.
Having a parish school requires financial and spiritual support from parishioners. So I thank you for supporting our school with your prayers and with your financial contributions. Thank you to our school parents for sending your children to our school. I know it requires a financial sacrifice on your part to pay tuition and to help with fundraising events. I am confident that you view a Catholic school education as a wonderful investment in your child. Thank you to our school teachers and staff for your hard work and dedication to our students. May God continue to bless our school.
God Bless You,
Father John Mitchell
A Lent to Remember

Join us for a four week parish-wide study during Lent on the transforming power of mercy in the Sacrament of Confession. No matter what you have done, no matter how long you have been away, Jesus is waiting for you with open arms this Lent.­ The four videos and discussion guides for A Lent to Remember can be found online at . To register for FREE with FORMED, go to , enter our parish access code VKQPF9 , then enter your email and create a password.

Week 1 video (February 18-24): Forgiven - Where Are You?
Week 2 video (February 25-March 3): Forgiven - An Encounter with Mercy­
Week 3 video (March 4-10): Forgiven - Embraced in Mercy, The Rite Explained ­
Week 4 video (March 11-17): Symbolon - The Paschal Mystery ­

Bonus Episode (anytime): Forgiven - For Children, How to Make a Good Confession

You can do this parish-wide study in your home or other meeting place with your family or friends. Or you can join us here at church in Fellowship Hall on Mondays at 7:00 - 8:30 pm starting on February 19 or on Wednesdays at 1:00 - 2:30 pm starting on February 21.

To register for the meetings here at church, or if you have questions, please contact Mary Nawrocki at our Faith Formation Office, 763-788-9062, x 210 or .
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Trivia Question of the Week

The feast of Saint Blaise is celebrated on February 3. What object is traditionally blessed on that day?
a) candles
b) water
c) food
d) throats

See the bottom of this newsletter for the answer.

Video of the Week

Personalized Learning at ICS
Books I Am Reading

"When They Were Boys: The True Story of the Beatles' Rise to the Top" ,
by Larry Kane.

Books I Have Read This Year

“Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith”, by Father Robert Barron.

“Joy to the World”, by Scott Hahn.
Will You Pray for a Priest Each Day?
Prayer Suggestion:  Dear Jesus, hear my prayer on behalf of your priest, Father [N]. Give him a deep faith, a bright and a firm hope. Be his comfort, his joy, and his strength. Amen.  

January 26 – Rev. Rolf Tollefson
January 27 – Rev. Bennet Tran
January 28 – Rev. Paul Treacy
January 29 – Rev. Vaughn Treco
January 30 – Rev. Augustine Truong
January 31 – Archbishop Bernard Hebda
February 1 – Pope Francis
February 2 – Rev. John Mitchell
Answer to the Trivia Question of the Week

d) throats
God Bless You,
Father John Mitchell 
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