APLNJ is passing along this notice from Stuart Goldman. Stu has been a former investigator for the NJ SPCA, past Chief of the Monmouth County SPCA, Training Officer for the NJ SPCA, member of the Governor's Animal Welfare Task Force, lecturer for the Institute for Continuing Legal Education courses and the Animal Control Officer's course at Ocean County College. He has investigated thousands of calls of animal cruelty, with many successful prosecutions.

If you have knowledge of anyone who has been forced to claim "ownership" of cats they are feeding, know of anyone whose cat went missing under such circumstances, or, would otherwise like to help, we encourage you to contact Stu Goldman at 732-687-2359. 

?YOU FEED 'EM - YOU OWN 'EM - YOU CAN KILL 'EM?  In certain Townships in Monmouth County many CATS are being trapped by Animal Control Officers (ACOs) and Killed the SAME DAY! 

These animals NEVER make it to the Animal Shelter. 

They never get the SEVEN day holding period as REQUIRED BY LAW! 

Animal Control Officers are having people "SIGN OFF" on these cats as "OWNED," based on the concept: "IF YOU FEED THEM, YOU "OWN" THEM!" 

In other words, IF someone puts food out on THEIR property and attracts YOUR animal, they now "OWN" your animal and can SIGN the animal over to the Animal Control Officer to be killed! 

Why is the Monmouth County SPCA and the New Jersey State SPCA NOT stopping this UNLAWFUL practice? 

It is an uphill battle for any individual citizen to bring Township Officials to Justice. Enforcement agencies and the judicial system itself, blocks any attempt to REMEDY this situation. I have single-handedly been trying to STOP this ILLEGAL activity. 

PLEASE contact the below individuals and DEMAND that they DO the JOB they have been SWORN to do.  

Jerry Rosenthal - Monmouth County SPCA: 732- 542-0040 or 542-2030 
Rick Yocum - New Jersey SPCA: 800-582-5979

(UPDATE: I have been told that emails are being ignored, rejected or bouncing back. If so, please make a call.)

If you would like to hear details of this ROGUE OPERATION, or if you would like to SUPPORT me in my efforts to get JUSTICE, please call me at 732-687-2359.

Thank you.
Dr. Stuart Goldman
Remember: "The only thing that is necessary for the TRIUMPH of EVIL is for good men (and women) to do NOTHING!" Sir Edmund Burke
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