April Newsletter: An update from CCC
Plans this weekend?  Check out Kedi!
Kedi is being screened world-wide and we've pined to get it in Madison.  It turns out it be shown at Sundance theater starting Friday, April 14!  Kedi, documentary filmed in Istanbul, will make you fall in love with cats even more!
Feline Heartworm: Protect your cat!
With spring comes warm and sun, but also those pesky mosquitos.  For pets, they can be more than pesky...they can cause fatal disease.  

Facts about feline heartworm disease:

*The disease develops when a cat is bitten by a mosquito carrying the heartworm larvae

*Heartworm larvae move through the blood to develop into real WORMS in the heart or lungs

*Symptoms in cats can include cough, lethargy, decreased appetite or sudden death

*Tests exist for feline heartworm, but results are not always reliable

*Even indoor cats are at risk for heartworm if living in Wisconsin

*NO medication exists for safe treatment of heartworm in CATS


*We recommend safe, effective topical Revolution applied monthly for prevention
Environmental Needs of Cats 
If you've been to Cat Care Clinic, you've likely learned about our recommendations for keeping cats enriched in their environment. This is so important to cat health, to avoid not only unwanted behaviors but also for their long term physical health. We have a series of blog posts with information on how you can better meet the needs of your feline friend.  
  Enjoy the four part series:

Get to know your Catvocates better: Dr. Carrie Bunger
Dr. Bunger has been at Cat Care Clinic for almost four years and many of you know her well, but did you know that she is lightning fast?  Dr.Bunger is an avid runner and participates in races of various lengths all over the country.  Some of last year's accomplishments include 1st place female overall in the Bratfest 5K, first place female for her age group Brewcity 10K, the Ragnar relay, the Nationwide Marathon and more.  This year she's already taken home a first place at the Parkinson's half marathon in her age group!
Dr.Bunger has a special interest in anesthesiology and feline dentistry, but loves tending to all the needs of our patients at Cat Care Clinic. She also is the Cat Care Clinic's Clinical Trial Coordinator. She helps select the studies we agree to be a part of, coordinates education on the trials, and meticulously collects and organizes data for the study sponsors, which ultimately is used for statistics that go to the FDA for drug approval.  

Dr.Bunger and her husband, Matt, are huge Badger fans.  They also enjoy travel and managed to make it to Africa and France last year, with a few "small" d omestic trips in between.  She also loves quilting, baking, crafting, and home brewing. She and Matt share their Madison home with their dog, Ubu, two cats, Ivory and Striker, and one guinea pig, Popeye.  To put it simply, she's pawsome.  
Last cat call!  Have you heard about our Arthritis Study?
This may be our last call for our Arthritis Study Participants.  We have had a wonderful group of cats in this second phase of the study and we're happy to report we've seen AMAZING resutls in many cats (1 in 3 gets placebo).  If your cat is slowing down, not jumping or playing as usual, or demonstrating any of the other things listed in this link, please call us for more information.  
New clients welcome.
Case of the Month: Sweet Oliver
Oliver is a two year old boy who melts our hearts every time he comes in.  We saw him for the first time last fall as a second opinion after he was vomiting and losing weight, then found to have a stomach mass suspected to be an aggressive cancer. 

After intial exam and review of information, it was decided to move forward with obtaining a biopsy of the mass to identify exactly what it was.  His loving owners wanted to know what options they had to give Oliver the longest and best quality life possible.  

We performed a surgical biopsy at Cat Care Clinic and results indicated it was not actually cancerous.  The enlarged area was identified by pathologists as an uncommon fibrous inflammatory growth.  Unfortunately, the due to the extent of stomach involvement with the diseased tissue, it was not operable.  The good news was that he did not have cancer and no other areas of his body would become affected.  With this information, a medical and special diet plan was started and Oliver's vomiting slowed and appetite improved.  

Oliver is still doing well with a combination of special blended prescription food and medications, thanks to his family's commitment to his care.  The growth rate of the "mass" is unknown, but his family enjoys every minute with Oliver and has great comfort in knowing they are doing everything they can...keeping Oliver's best interests in mind.  We are honored to be a part of Oliver's care.

Congrats to our latest winner of a FREE YEAR 
of Royal Canin Dental Diet ($400 value)!
Sukey is the proud winner, but will gladly share her tartar preventing kibble with her sister, Sammy.  Sukey had a routine professional dental cleaning in March.  Thanks to her owner's diligent upkeep of her oral health, Sukey's teeth are still looking great at 10 years old!
Stay tuned for our next Dental Health promotion at CCC

Boarding at Cat Care Clinic:
Allow us to care for your kitty while you're away

Summer travel plans?  Let us care for your kitty in one of our condos, private rooms, or  multi-room cages.  We'll tend to your kitty with all the love, play, and care that they need. Call us for more information or to come view our boarding options. 

To all of you who enjoy our newsletter, love your cats, and let us be a part of your cats' lives and care, Thank You!

Kat Luther, DVM
Carrie Bunger, DVM
Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP

And the rest of your cat loving crew at Cat Care Clinic