Devastating wildfires in March 2017 burned hundreds of thousands of acres of grazing lands in the panhandle areas of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas destroying thousands of miles of fences, buildings and hay supplies. Tens of thousands of cattle were either killed or had to be euthanized due to injuries sustained in the fires. This event, tragic as it was, has provided a great opportunity for the ranching community to rally together as family helping family. Now that some facilities have been rebuilt and grazing is beginning to be re-established, Cattle for Christ is excited to be leaving out on Monday, Aug 7th to donate and deliver seven herd bulls to help our fellow ranchers rebuild their herds.
(Loaded in Alabama and ready to ride!)
All of the cattle in our Cattle for Christ herds in Alabama and Texas, were donated to us from farms and ranches from around the country (or they were raised from the donated cattle). What better way for us to give back to the wildfire victims, than to give top quality bulls from our herds! In addition, the Ranchers and their staff will each be receiving one of our solar powered CFC TRAILBLAZER Players, allowing them to listen to the Word of God, devotional level Bible studies and hundreds of hours of other encouraging messages while they ride cattle and rebuild fences. What a great opportunity for them to see the Love of God in action and to hear the Word of God while they work to rebuild!
(Some of the bulls being delivered to Mercer Livestock for transport to TX)

Please pray for us as we head out to these states and minister to needs of others in the name of Christ and for His glory. As we continue to grow our cattle herds and expand our work both here at home and around the world, we rely on your cash and non-cash donations to make our work possible. Since Cattle For Christ does not buy any cattle for our herds, your donations of cattle is truly a gift that keeps on giving as they reproduce.

If you would like to give specifically to help us provide more cattle and other needs for these wildfire victims, please donate online at or call or text Glenn Crumpler at 334-333-4400 or Greg Cowan at 903-388-1503 and we will make sure your gift gets to those who need it the most in this region.

Donating cattle for our herds is only one way you can help, but there are so many other ways that you can contribute and partner in our ministry efforts both here at home and around the world. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you in more detail the various needs of the ministry, the work we are doing, and how you can best help—all while knowing that your investments are being used effectively, efficiently and with the highest level of accountability.

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