PEACEwater: No Thirsty Child!
Happy 7th Anniversary! 

Traveling around Rwanda, you see evidence of the success of PEACEwater: No Thirsty Child's programs. The rainwater harvesting tanks, water filters, wells, and tippy taps always make me smile. They remind me of our circles of love. 
W ater projects are God's love made visible 
racing around the globe through Christian churches working together to battle poverty and injustice. 
Growing Stronger Bodies
Rwandans are eager to improve life for their children. PEACEwater's nutrition class provides important information to help them raise healthier children. 
Life is Good (and Getting Better)

20 more churches benefited from clean water in the 1st quarter. 

Our goal this year is to provide 50 more churches with Rainwater Harvesting Systems. 
Thanks for 35 Years
Transforming Lives, Communities, and the World!

Carolyn and Larry McBride were honored 
to represent PEACEwater at Saddleback's anniversary celebration in Angel Stadium. 
Larry Ledgerwood and Phil DeRose   demonstrate a Tippy Tap to children
  at the KSG Missions Fair. 

Tippy Taps use only a small amount of precious water. They make handwashing convenient and help stop the spread of germs. W.A.S.H. Health & Hygiene class participants make a Tippy Tap to take home. 
March 2015
Water and 
the Word


By the Grace of God

Preschool Benefits from New Rainwater Harvesting System


Pastor Robert cannot contain his excitement about how the rain water will enable the staff to make porridge to feed the children and how the Sawyer filter will quench the children's thirst. 

 Pastor Robert has heard that our team will even make a hand washing station and he gushes about how this will also help the children become healthier.

PEACE Events at Saddleback Church

April 25th - 6 pm
May 23rd - 6 pm
June 6th - 8:30 am


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