"From The Executive Director's Desk"
Year End Edition

December 13, 2012


Wow. What a year.


From Penn State to Washington, DC to the pages of the New York Times, 2012 was historic for MaleSurvivor. We worked harder than ever before to spread the message that Hope, Healing, and Support are possible for every survivor. And thanks to your reviews MaleSurvivor was just named a

Chris Anderson speaks at Stop Abuse Campaign Congressional Briefing
ED Chris Anderson speaking before the Victims' Rights Caucus in Washington, DC earlier this year.

Top Rated Nonprofit by Great Nonprofits for the first time in it's history!


It would be understandable, perhaps even wise, for us to take a bit of a break. But there is more of a need than ever for MaleSurvivor and the resources we provide. 


Your support will help MaleSurvivor continue to thrive. Your gift WILL shatter the silence.


How does supporting MaleSurvivor help? 


MaleSurvivor is the pre-eminent organization bringing support and attention to the very real needs of male survivors of sexual abuse and our loved ones. Through our website, the Weekends of Recovery, and our International Conference we have done more than any other organization to help survivors rebuild their lives. 


NBA Veteran (and courageous survivor) Keyon Dooling, Dr. Howard Fradkin, and ED Chris Anderson at the Katie Couric program this fall.

 Your support helps us to shatter the silence. Together our voices send a message to the world that abuse will no longer be tolerated. In 2012, the scandals at Penn State, Horace Mann, the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, and even on Sesame Street, have opened the eyes of the world to a truth far too many of us know far too well. Millions and millions of male survivors are struggling in isolation, shame, and silence.


There has never been more of a need for the unique services MaleSurvivor provides. 


Our Website


In 2012 MaleSurvivor.org reached 10,000 registered members on our discussion forums, and we had over 600,000 visits from people in over 200 countries around the world! We've seen increases in forum activity and chat room activity as more people than ever before are breaking their isolation and finding support for their healing in the MaleSurvivor online community.


Social Media

We also greatly expanded our presence and outreach via our Facebook Like us on Facebook  and Twitter Follow us on Twitter pages. Our Facebook Page just got it's 1,000th like and we have well over 2,000 fans following our daily tweets of hope, healing, and support!


BUT - the costs of operating our website and creating more content (such as videos and podcasts) is increasing every year. We need your support to continue connecting survivors from around the world and sharing our message of Hope, Healing, and Support.



Weekends Of Recovery


We held the 45th Weekend of Recovery (WoR) Program in 

The 2012 Weekend of Recovery Facilitator Team

2012. Since 2001, over 850 survivors (and their partners!) reconnect, rebuild, and recover. This year we also expanded to a new location in Chester, CT. AND we held our 1st ever Weekend for an outside organization - bringing the Weekend of Recovery experience to members of the First Nations Tribes in Canada.


Throughout 2012 we provided $18,170 in WoR Scholarship Grants to 43 men (an average of $423/ recipient). And for the first time ever, we were able to extend scholarship grants to alumni to attend the Advanced WoR. To underscore the growth of our Scholarship Fund, in 2007 we provided $4,100 in Scholarship to 14 men.


BUT - we are in danger of running out of funds to provide scholarships. For 2013, we have scheduled 6 Level 1 and 1 Advanced WoRs. We need your support to help continue offering these unique healing experiences to as many survivors as possible!




Penn State, Sandusky, & Advocacy


At the end of March, I was honored to be named the first Executive Director in MaleSurvior's history. The work has been exhilarating and more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Just days after I stepped into this role MaleSurvivor conducted trainings for the clinical staff at Penn State University, educating clinical staff on all 19 campuses on how to support the thousands of male survivors in the Penn State community. Later, Past President

MaleSurvivor ED Chris Anderson Speaks Immediately After Sandusky Verdict
ED Chris Anderson Speaking
After Sandusky Verdict
Curtis St. John and I returned to Penn State to attend the Sandusky trial. We were there to share MaleSurvivor's support for the brave young men who took the stand. Our efforts led to the formation of the first support group for male survivors on the main campus earlier this fall, and we continue to remain in contact with leadership at Penn State to offer our support and advice.


But that was just beginning - throughout 2012 we held Dare to Dream events in Utah, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Colorado. Plus we have conducted trainings for thousands of professionals all over the country. Our work culminated in the most successful International Conference in MaleSurvivor's history last month at John Jay College in New York City.


BUT - there is more of a need than ever for outreach and advocacy. We hope to bring Dream to Dream events and trainings to dozens of Schools, Universities, Military Bases, Social Service Organizations, and Professional Conferences all over the country. Your support will help us show the world how important the work of MaleSurvivor is, and continue to open doors to us to help teach and train even more "partners in healing".




As Dr. Howard Fradkin says, "Abuse doesn't just happen. Tornadoes happen, hurricanes happen, but abuse is a choice made by someone willing to overpower and/or betray the trust of a vulnerable victim." We have the power to stop the cycle of trauma. We have the power to heal. And we have the ability to help others do the same. The greatest gift you can give to another survivor is support. Supporting MaleSurvivor this year will give that gift to the millions of survivors who need our help.


3 Faces
Hope. Healing. Support. 

 Please support MaleSurvivor & the Weekends of Recovery 

program with a Holiday Gift or End of Year Charitable contribution.



Your generosity now will enable us to do even greater things in 2013 and beyond!


Want to receive a signed copy of Joining Forces? 

Information below!


Here are some examples of how your donations will help Malesurvivor:


$50 will

- Buy 10 journals for WoR participants

- Print and Mail 100 "10 Daily Affirmations for Male Survivors" Post Cards to a rape crisis center.


$75 will

- buy 10 sets of self care packets for WoR participants.


$100 will

- buy art supplies for 1 WoR.

- pay for office supplies for one month.


$150 will

- buy flash drives to share the music, slide show, and handouts with each participant for 1 WoR.



**Supporters who donate at least $150 will also receive a SIGNED copy of Dr. Howard Fradkin's new book,  Joining Forces!**





$300 will

- pay the operating costs of www.malesurvivor.org for one month.

- pay for designing and printing Weekend of Recovery Borchures for 1 year.


$500 will

- provide one scholarship for a survivor to attend a Weekend.


$1000 will

- procure thumb drives for Weekend attendees for one year

- operate www.malesurvivor.org for 3 months


$2,500 will

 - fund a Dare to Dream in a community in the US (travel, lodging, A/V, promotion)

- pay for creation of training and awareness videos for greater outreach


$5,000 will

- substantially offset the cost of a single Weekend of Recovery, allowing us to lower the costs of attendance for all the Weekends

- underwrite the operation of www.malesurvivor.org for one entire year




(** Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of signed copy of Joining Forces.)

Any amount that you can contribute will help us to continue to share the message the hope and healing are possible for every survivor of sexual abuse. 


But if you are unable to contribute financially, please know that there are still many ways you can help support MaleSurvivor. 


You can:


* Check with your employer to see if they will match or make donations in your name to MaleSurvivor.

Donate unused Frequent Flyer Miles.  [Contact your airline for more information]

* Follow us on Facebook and  Twitter.

* Post a review of MaleSurvivor on Great Non-Profits.

* Consider naming MaleSurvivor as the recipient of donations from a community walk or other grassroots campaign.

* Start a Kickstarter Campaign to solicit support from other people around the world.

* Create a Birthday Wish via Causes to support MaleSurvivor

* If you attend a church, consider asking the congregation for a donation to MaleSurvivor either on your behalf or to support the need for healing for all survivors. 

* Vote for MaleSurvivor in the Chase Community Giving Awards every year, and encourage others to do so as well.

Dare to Dream And Trainings 
For information on how to bring a MaleSurvivor Dare to Dream event in your community, or to set up a professional training, please contact Community Outreach Director Trisha Massa at tmassa@malesurvivor.org


4768 Broadway #527

New York, NY 10034 


MaleSurvior (www.MaleSurvivor.org) is the pre-eminent resource for male victims of sexual abuse
 and their loved ones. We are committed to preventing, healing, and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through support, treatment, research, education, advocacy, and activism. 


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Current research suggests that over 1 in 6 males have been the victims of sexual abuse at some point in their lives. Founded in 1994, Malesurvivor has helped hundreds of thousands of survivors and their loved ones begin healing journeys and repair their lives. 


MaleSurvivor is a volunteer run 501(c)3 organization and all donations are recognized as deductible on US tax returns.  Please donate today.


Hope. Healing. Support.