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Welcome to our annual edition on Celebrate Shamanism. Since I believe the millenia-old spiritual practice is highly practical and essential to our health and well-being today, I study it myself, practice "the imagination," and seek to highlight our area's practitioners.
Shamanic practitioner Jaime Meyer, of Drumming the Soul Awake, wrote an article in his recent newsletter that I found to be exciting and worth reprinting here. I love his views on sacred imagination, too little of which we use in our lives, and often that we fear. See below.

Lynn & Dee LaFroth, producers of Essential Wellness/Celebrate Wellness publications
The Antidote to Malaise

I want to delve a little into my personal journey to shamanic practice and why I see shamanism as an antidote to much of the malaise we feel.  At the end of this piece I offer you a simple and potent shamanic practice.

I came to shamanic practice out of life as an artist. I was a playwright for 15 years, living in the kind of splendor to which artists are accustomed: making literally tens of dollars per year off my writing, living in the three-room upstairs apartment across from the crack house where, nightly, large men in long leather coats that concealed sawed-off shotguns stood stoically. I started my workday at dusk by risking bodily death sitting on my crumbling, no-railing balcony overlooking the used car lot, drinking Yukon Jack and marveling at the way the slanting orange light washed with such innocence over the curled hair of the hookers walking by on Lake Street. I'd write deep into the night and sleep deep into the day, going for weeks without talking to people, then do whatever I could to make a few bucks, and repeat. My days were spent on one purpose: opening my imagination wider, and letting in whatever would come in. It is, as all artists, monks and shamans know, terrifically lonely work, charged with the giddy precipice-power that comes from actively courting insanity. READ MORE>>
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Medicine for the Soul in the Wake of Abuse
By Jean Chagnon
SHAMANISM IS GROUNDED in a cosmology, or way of understanding the world, steeped in how one's soul is affected - positively or negatively - by life experiences. Further, a shamanic cosmology supports ancient healing techniques that can be used to help individuals heal from experiences that negatively impact the development of the soul. In other words, shamans help people reconnect with their true self. This is done by helping people eliminate what disrupts the flow of the true self and returning parts of the true self that have been lost.
      For these reasons, working to heal the impact of abuse, trauma, and violence -- an experience that initially has a profound negative impact on the soul -- is work that shamans have done for centuries. READ MORE>>
Shamanic Spirit Energy Medicine -- Embracing the Experience
By Chee Vue (aka:  Master Shaman PaLiChi)

IT WAS THE spring-summer of 2006 about 10 pm and the phone rang.  I was glad I had just finished a deep meditation.  As I picked up the phone it was my mother.  A close relative, Jane, had a horrible stomach ache and they had been trying to calm it down for the last hour or so.  At least that was the length of time that it felt like to them.  Jane explained that the pain felt twisting and deep in her stomach, mid-abdomen to be exact.  When I arrived there, I looked at her condition by observing her face and her hands covering her belly button area.  I then turned and saw that my mom had a worried and frustrated look on her face.  She looked at me and I asked what had happened. "Nothing," replied my mom.  Then Jane cut-in to reply, "I didn't eat or drink anything.  It just started to hurt really deeply." READ MORE>>
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Cody Alexander
Path Home Certified Shamanic Practitioner

We all desire health, happiness and fulfillment. Unconscious, damaging patterns can leave us feeling powerless, frustrated, and disconnected from our gifts, often destroying the very thing we seek. We can take charge of our destiny, and heal past trauma. Shamanism can reconnect us with our true selves, empower our dreams, and return us to health and balance. Cody Alexander is a Path Home certified shamanic practitioner and teacher with 11 years of experience in shamanism. To schedule a long distance shamanic session, contact Cody at: 719-458-9552. 
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Journey to Peru!
Offered by Golden Light Healing & Rainbow Jaguar Healing Institute

The Way of the Altomesayok
January 15-26
An in-depth exploration into the world of the elusive altomesayoks of Peru.  Learn about Peruvian  shamanism with native master shamans, including international teacher/shaman Jose Luis Herrera.  Open to mesa carriers only.

Peru Mysticism
January 28-February 3
A guided mystical journey to Machu Picchu and other sacred sites while in the company of experienced guides and native medicine people.
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Drumming the Soul Awake
Since 1983, Jaime Meyer practiced shamanism in the Twin Cities, working with thousands of people through his events, workshops and healing sessions. His long-time teachers include the Shipibo people of Peru, Jose and Lena Stevens of the Power Path, and Tom Cowan. He's also studied with Ailo Gaup,  Martin Prechtel and Sandra Ingerman, among others. Jaime is the president of board of directors of the international Society  for Shamanic Practice. He also has earned a mastered degree in theology form United Seminary of the Twin Cities. Contact him:
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Whispers on the Wind Shamanic Training Program
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 We invite you to join us for this intensive training in the practice of energy healing and shamanism. This life-transforming program will lead you on a journey of personal growth and healing. We will explore ceremony and ancient rituals to allow you a personal connection with the Divine and Mother Nature.
Held at beautiful Golden Light Healing Retreat Center set amid 200-acres of fields, forest and prairie; 15 minutes north of Green Bay, WI.

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Deepen Your Practice With Survivors of Abuse 

Many traditional shamanic techniques that help people remember their true self -- soul retrieval, curse unraveling, compassionate depossession -- can be more powerful when modified to account for what we know, through psychological research, about what makes the experience of childhood abuse unique.  This training is designed for current shamanic practitioners who want to deepen how they work with survivors of abuse.  In this training, you will learn new interventions and modifications for traditional interventions.  For further information contact or explore

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