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Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!

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Our country will be celebrating its 246th birthday next week. Those of you who own your own businesses, however, are fortunate to be able to celebrate your own Independence Day every day. So, relax, enjoy the parades, savor life without a boss, and see if some of this month’s offerings below can help add some fireworks to your business.


Our workshop presenters are enjoying their traditional summer break while preparing the fall/winter schedule. But for those of you wishing to continue your business education, this month’s “Stuff We Like” includes the second of a series of free, one-hour SCORE online webinars. And don’t forget, our SCORE Success Pass allows you to attend an unlimited number of workshops over a three-month period for only $50!
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Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!

COMPASS Now Available Throughout Southern New Hampshire

Thanks to a generous grant from The Provident Bank, COMPASS, Merrimack Valley SCORE’s free Business Assessment Program, is now also available to small businesses in the Monadnock and Seacoast areas. Since its launch almost two years ago, COMPASS has helped countless small businesses identify their strengths and weaknesses. Using a quick, easy, comprehensive and, above all, effective, online questionnaire, COMPASS probes your General Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Resource Management and Operations, delivering a report that not only tells you what you’re doing well and where you need help, but also provides a solid foundation for a SCORE mentor team to assist you.

Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!


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Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!

Stuff We Like…

Every business needs money to operate, be it for working capital or to fund expansion. But few business owners understand how lenders think and what it takes to build a strong business credit profile. SCORE’s one-hour “Understanding Business Credit” webinar delves into these topics and offers tips on accessing the money you need.
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By now, your business is probably employing social media in its marketing strategy. But are you getting the attention there that you desire? If the answer is no, then we suggest you take a gander at Entrepreneur magazine’s “11 Reasons You’re Not Getting Traction on Social Media.“
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One of the least talked about, but vitally critical, aspects of any business is pricing. Price your product/service too low and you don’t make enough money; price it too high and customers will flock to your competitors. The SBA Learning Center’s 30-minute “Introduction to Pricing” discusses pricing theory and strategies that ensure you hit the sweet spot.
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Ask SCORE offers tips on how to get the most out of your SCORE mentor/mentee relationship. Read More...


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