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Let's celebrate our victory
TxDOT told to scrap toll projects from plan
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Let's do a victory lap!   
We won! Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick ordered TxDOT to DROP 15 new toll projects that were on the verge of being adopted by the Commission in just a few weeks. They asked TxDOT to rework their plan and do these projects NON-TOLL...just as we asked! 
Read about our tremendous grassroots victory here.

We're still getting statewide press coverage.

Read some of the coverage here and here.
In fact, a new pro-toll lobby group was created to combat our effective grassroots efforts to stop toll roads.
Come celebrate our victory at our meeting tomorrow night.  

Victory Party 
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What prompted this action by state leaders? 
Crowd of burnt matches standing before match on fire concept of motivation leadership on black Remember, we the people were the catalyst that sparked this firestorm! We worked with 67 grassroots groups across the state to compose a coalition letter sending a strong message to the Governor that we support his promise to protect Texans from new toll taxes and that his highway department had gone rogue planning to add 15 toll projects to the plan.
Ten days later, Gov. Patrick and then Gov. Abbott issued scathing statements opposing all new toll projects, forcing TxDOT to reverse course and issue its own statement that it will remove tolls from the plan just hours later.  
Thank you for standing with us 
We thank all of you who have stood by Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF) and Texans for Toll-free Highways for over a decade as we have fought long and hard to see this day. Finally, our state leaders are reflecting the tremendous anti-toll sentiment of Texans!   
But, we still have work to do.
We must remove their ability to keep current tolls in place in perpetuity and keep extending their current toll systems so that toll roads never get paid off and tolls never come down. There's also at least three other instances where TxDOT is currently breaking the law, SB 312, and needs to be held accountable.  
TxDOT and local toll authorities will hunker down until there are leaders favorable to their toll tax scheme. They'll turn to the federal government for taxpayer-backed loans (like federal TIFIA loans that were used on the bankrupt SH 130) to try and get more toll projects when they think no one is looking.  
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Wanna STOP tolls in perpetuity?
Take this survey to get it on the primary ballot
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Every two years, the Republican Party of Texas' State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) votes to place ballot proposals or legislative initiatives at the end of its Primary Ballot to measure how Republican Primary voters feel about key issues. 

The SREC will be deciding these initiatives during its December 2
SREC meeting in Austin.  
They want to hear what issues are most important to voters.
Please rank the 10 issues in THIS SURVEY from 1 to 10, with number 1 as your most important issue and number 10 as your least important issue. Every question should have a different number, and all must be answered to submit.  
PLEASE MARK QUESTION #9 as #1 priority!  
Question #9 says: 'Tolls should be removed from roadways when they are paid in full.' Please show it as your NUMBER 1 priority to ensure this gets placed on the ballot! 
Texans driven mad over toll roads
Texas Tribune finally reports ill effects of tolls on ordinary citizens
We've always known that toll taxes hit working families HARD. Senator Bob Hall estimates that paying just $5.00 in tolls each way to work every day is like levying a $25.00 gasoline tax on drivers. Over a lifetime, that adds up to $135,000!

Such an oppressive level of taxation cannot be allowed to continue!

Finally, the Texas Tribune did a great story on just how toll roads effect major life decisions for Texas families, even forcing people to move in order to avoid paying the burdensome double tax on driving.

Pro-toll lobby group created to combat anti-toll successes   
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See why Bob Hall is the anti-toll champion in SD 2. 
Should voters give pro-toll Cindy Burkett a promotion to the senate?   
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Guide and information road sign in Quebec Canada - Toll payment. Newly opened toll lanes on MoPac in Austin exceed $1/mile  
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Eliminate toll roads for good


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