Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement, Inc. is celebrating 50 years in business!
Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement, Inc. was founded in 1967 when Phil Beaulieu and his brother in-law started a small siding installation company in Chicopee, MA. Phil worked long days going door to door selling his work to potential customers. In a short period of time, Phil and his brother in-law parted ways. Due to Phil's old fashion work ethic and quality workmanship PBHI is now the largest exterior contractor in Western MA and Northern CT.

In 2008 Phil Beaulieu's sons, Al and Fran, bought the company keeping the old fashion work ethic and quality workmanship. 50 years later we now provide roofing, siding, doors, windows, porches, decks, gutters and many other exterior home improvement projects. We have become number one in the region for exterior remodeling and we look forward to servicing Western MA and Northern CT for another 50 years.

Featured Article
Fran Beaulieu met with Joseph Bednar from BusinessWest and spoke about how Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement, Inc. has come along over the last 50 years and stayed successful.

 From the time his father first hung out a shingle - and then installed a whole lot more of them - Fran Beaulieu says the secret to this 50-year-old company's success is almost too simple to be true.
"The key here is we outwork everyone," he said. "We're here at 7, we're open on Saturdays, we're always on top of it, always focused on every job. We outwork everyone. It sounds corny, but it's true." ~ Joseph Bednar from BusinessWest

Click on this picture and watch how far we have come the last last 50 years.

Treat yourself this year with a new porch. You deserve it...

At Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement, Inc. we can design a porch of your dream. 
We can do anything from building a pressure treated frame to designing a beautiful cathedral roof. Add some fixed skylights for extra lighting or upgrade to a operable skylight with a rain sensor. Enjoy that slight breeze in the morning while you are sitting down drinking your coffee, reading the paper and hearing the birds chirp. Avoid split boards and splinters from the pressure treated decking and upgrade to a Wolf composite decking with a variety of  colors to choose from. Give it an extra touch and wrap your porch around with white PVC lattice and white vinyl railings.

If you have a dream porch in mind, call the Exterior Experts today and we will get it done.

Spring is here...Let us show you how to properly clean your windows without damaging them.

Most vinyl and wood grain windows are similar and very easy to clean. Below are the proper instructions to clean your double hung window. You can also watch Fran Beaulieu show you how to properly clean them.
1. Unlock your windows
2. Open the bottom sash (window) upward approximately 6-8 inches.
3. Squeeze both latches on the top sash inward and the window should detach from frame
4. Hold the sash and bring it down until it is against below the window frame.
5. Wipe down the window with a glass cleaner product such as Windex and a soft cloth or paper towel. Do not use any hard or sharp object to clean the glass as you might scratch it.
6. Pull down the top sash approximately 4-5 inches
7. Squeeze both latches on the top sash inward and bring down the window
8. Wipe the window down with glass cleaner and a soft cloth
9. After cleaning windows, lift the top sash window first and close the window until you hear the snaps. Follow the same steps for your bottom sash
10. Lock windows for safety

How to properly remove screens:
1. Screens have springs on either side of the screen, push the screen sideways until the screen comes out
3. Clean screen with warm water and soap
4. Do not use any abrasive products to clean as it will rip the screen
5. When finished, push the screen from the springs side back inside the lip where the screen belongs and it should be easy for you to slide the other side in

We hope this will help. If you run into any problems. Give us a call.  
Quick spring / summer reminder

If you are planning to grill this year, it is very important to REMEMBER to pull your grill away from your house as it can melt your siding or cause a house fire

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