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This year, our beloved Dr. Catherine Hamlin, co-founder of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, turned 90 years young and was nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for her lifetime of devotion and service to the women of Ethiopia afflicted with obstetric fistula.



To celebrate both momentous achievements, the senior staff of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia will be joining with Hamlin Fistula USA to host a celebration and fundraising event on Saturday, September 27 from 11am to 2pm. We would love if you would join us.  Tickets can be purchased from our website.  


Mamitu Gashe, former fistula patient turned world-renowned fistula surgeon, along with Catherine's granddaughters, Sarah and Catherine Hamlin, will join many other special guests for what promises to be a very informative and joyous celebration of a living legend.    



The event will feature a short film segment from the 2014 feature film, "Go On," depicting the life of Drs. Reginald and Catherine Hamlin and the Hamlin Fistula Hospital over the last 55 years in Ethiopia. 


Many here in the United States have been instrumental in supporting Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. In addition to assisting with continuous patient care for more than a decade, a very successful 2006-2007 campaign centered around Washington D.C. resulted in the construction of a satellite Hamlin hospital in the eastern Ethiopian town of Harar.  Our support must continue so that all women in Ethiopia have access to pre- and post-natal care.   



Dr. Hamlin and her staff have cared for over 40,000 women since the founding of the hospital in 1974.  In recent years, attention has expanded toward prevention services, and we are excited to answer Dr. Catherine's request that we must "go on!" 


Please join us for this lively event! Visit our website and follow us on Facebook to learn more about our activities and recent updates.


If you are unable to attend, please donate now to support our efforts.  Your donation makes a world of difference to the women in Ethiopia who deserve to deliver healthy babies free from the suffering of prolonged obstructed labor and obstetric fistula.


With deep appreciation, 


The Hamlin Fistula USA Team 



(Photos courtesy of Hamlin Fistula Hospitals)

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