"Every day, we improve how babies who are deaf or hard of hearing are identified through advancements in early hearing identification and intervention."
Dear Alexander Graham Bell Community,
Communication skills develop during the first years of a child's life. Any hearing and speech problems during infancy put a child at risk of falling behind in educational and career potential. That is why early intervention is so important during the first years of a child's life. Every day around the world, we improve how babies who are deaf or hard of hearing are identified through advancements in early hearing identification and intervention. It is this early intervention that provides families with support and resources to put their child on a path to achieve their dreams. Every day, we see children with hearing loss leading successful lives in school, work and at home because their families made the choice for them to learn to listen and speak during those critical years of development.
May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, and each May, AG Bell raises awareness about hearing loss and continues to provide critical resources and information to families and children with hearing loss and the professionals who serve them. Through AG Bell's publications and website , Facebook , Twitter and Instagram platforms, and YouTube videos , I encourage you to learn and share all that is available to you on listening and spoken language.
To celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month, AG Bell is releasing a serious of videos on its website and social media to celebrate listening and spoken language and to spread the message about how the choice to hear changes the life of a child with hearing loss. I am elated to see the wonderful, inspirational comments across social media and that you are sharing them with your friends and colleagues. By sharing these videos with your community, you help spread the word about why the choice to hear matters for children. 
Caitlin Parton tells her story #BHSM #TheChoiceToHearMatters
Caitlin Parton
Lisa Goldstein tells her story #BHSM #TheChoiceToHearMatters
Lisa Goldstein
Susan Pollack tells her story #BHSM #TheChoiceToHearMatters
Susan Pollack
There are many ways you can continue to help raise awareness about hearing loss this month by sharing your story with us and discovering the resources available to you at agbell.org/bhsm. Remember to join the conversation on social media using these hashtags: #TheChoiceToHearMatters  #BHSM
Lastly, AG Bell's  LSL Symposium will take place this summer in our nation's capital. At the event, s peech and language professionals will learn about updates in the field of Listening and Spoken Language and have the opportunity to gain continuing educational credits toward the Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Certification. I look forward to seeing you there. 
Together we can make the journey to be sure that every person with hearing loss has the chance to listen, talk, thrive and achieve their dreams.
Until next week,
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Emilio Alonso-Mendoza
Chief Executive Officer
Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


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