"Anyone can succeed, they just need the tools and the opportunity. 
And your job on earth is to help at least one person - just one individual - 
and make sure she/he has the tools and the opportunity."

- Hyram Montero

Meet Vicky Saldala
In 1961, Vicky Saldala's father and brother left Cuba and arrived on American shores. Fleeing communism, they came to the U.S. in search of a better life - but were forced to endure a painful separation in the process. Vicky's mom was held behind in Cuba; wife, husband, and son wouldn't be reunited until almost two years later.
"My mother finally arrived in the United States to a son who didn't recognize her and to a husband who struggled in a country where he didn't know the language and didn't have family to help him raise a small child," explains Vicky.
Soon after, Vicky was born in New Jersey, and her parents worked multiple jobs and saved every penny so their children could have a bright future. They emphasized the importance of education, and taught Vicky and her brother to honor their Cuban heritage.
Now married 55 years, Vicky's parents have always fought to realize the American dream for their children - and that's a lesson Vicky took to heart.
I am thankful everyday that my parents served as my role models," she says. "They have shaped me into the Hispanic woman I am today. I value my culture and all the opportunities it affords me."

It was her parents' sacrifices that inspired Vicky to work in education. Since her days playing with Barbie dolls, she'd always dreamed of being a teacher. Now, she serves as Director of the Bilingual/ESOL Department for Broward County Public Schools.

Meet Yvette Fernandez
Seesawing between two cultures is a family tradition for Yvette Fernandez. While her parents hail from Puerto Rico, she was born and raised in NYC, and has spent her life back and forth between the two nations - as have her daughters.
As Yvette grew up, language and cultural barriers proved challenging for her mother and father, so she wasn't allowed to visit other student's homes, go out with friends, or date. Luckily, she and her siblings found refuge at the library. To this day, she loves the smell of books! And while her younger years weren't the easiest, the experience helped spur her love of learning.
Her family returned to Puerto Rico after she graduated from high school, and Yvette hit the fast track to university, followed by law school. After meeting and marrying her husband - a client at the law firm where she worked - Yvette and her family (which included three daughters) relocated to Florida.
Yet again, it was time for two generations to readjust.
"When bringing my girls here I decided to abandon my profession and dedicate myself to being involved in their education," says Yvette. "My dream was that my girls would follow and become professional women just like my sisters and myself."

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