Celebrating our 10th Anniversary serving the Northeast Kingdom!
Ten Years: Ten Stories
2007 - 2017
Ten years! Wow. Habitat NEK began meeting at the North Church in St. Johnsbury in the fall of 2007 and from those beginnings, we have repaired nearly 100 houses, built two brand new homes, held yard sales and other fundraisers, opened a ReSale Store...then moved it... and then moved again to our current offices. Lumber, nails, drywall, paint. Lots of it. But most importantly, people. The folks who applied for Habitat help, and the folks who responded to the need. Amazing stories of people who just needed a hand up, of self-sacrificing volunteers who have been with us the whole time. In the coming months, on our Facebook page and through our monthly newsletters, we'll be highlighting these moments and the people who made them happen. In June 2018, we'll come together for a community-wide potluck dinner. You are invited to celebrate with us!
2011: An Added Bedroom Brings Security
An Addition Enabled Rena and Gerald to Take in Their Granddaughter

the Fall of 2012, Edna and Gerald Potvin of Newport were anxious to bring their five-year old grand-daughter into their home to provide a more safe and healthy environment for her.  The plan was to convert a 14-by-20 foot porch into an enclosed entryway to the house and a bedroom for their grand-daughter.

This was a community project. The Potvin's landlady, Karlene Gentley, actually agreed to pay for materials, neighbor Tim Ingalls supervised the job, as well as Newport architect Mark Smith who  designed the new space.  Dan  Ross and students in the North Country Union High School building trades program were also involved, as well as other friends, neighbors and church members.

A no-interest loan for materials was paid in full by the building owner.  Today, the Potvins continue to live there. Their grand-daughter eventually found a new home. 

Celebrating Our Volunteers

Over the last ten years, over 200 volunteers have helped us on build s ites, provided  lunches for building volunteers, worked at the ReSale Store,  supported our office staff, provided technical expertise, helped us move our operations three times, and given hours of help at our fundraisers. There is no way to  calculate the value of our volunteers, or their gift of time and talents, except to say that we could not  fulfill our mission without them.  Below is a list o f stellar volunteers, some of  whom have been with us from the  beginning, and who represent the best in all of the  other volunteers on this special anniversary.
  • Susan Aiken: [2007-present] Steering Committee, Family committee, Finance Committee, ReSale Store, NEK Office
  • Roland Blais: [2015-present] Building Committee, site volunteer
  • Bonnie Dasher-Andersen: [2015-present] PR committee, website & IT support, lunch provider
  • Bob Gondar: [2007-present] Building Committee, site volunteer
  • Patricia Janssen: [2009-present] Steering Committee, ReSale Store, NEK Office, site volunteer, lunch provider, General Manager
  • Ron Noble: [2016-present] Building Committee, site volunteer
  • Rose Noble: [2016-present] Family Committee, lunch provider, Steering Committee
  • John Sorrel: [2009-present] site volunteer
  • Bruce Starbuck: [2007-present] Steering Committee, Building Committee, site volunteer, Project Coordinator
  • Brittney Stevens: [2012-2016] ReSale Store
  • Rick Stodola: [2009-present] Building Committee, site volunteer
  • Dan Swainbank: [2007-present] Steering Committee, ReSale Store, NEK Office, site volunteer, lunch provider, Homeowner Services
  • Mary Swainbank: [2007-present] Steering Committee, lunch provider
  • Beth Williams: [2010-present] Steering Committee, NEK Treasurer
  • Jane Woods: [2013-present] ReSale Store, NEK Office, Volunteer Coordinator 

2007-2010: Serving NEK Habitat
Committees: Steering NEK Habitat Forward

The most visual part of most Habitat for Humanity operation s is the houses that are built and the homes that are repaired --- and this is very true for NEK Habitat. So, we want to acknowledge, appreciate and thank the 
many folks who served on our various committees over the years, and who provided the structural support our NEK Habitat requires t o acco mplish our mission...and who are often unseen.

These people unselfishly gave of their time and talent over months, and sometimes years, to help us...some of whom still serve us:

Alan Parker,  Ann Beams,  Beth Harrington,  Beth Williams,  Bob Gondar, 
Bob Nixon, Bonnie Dasher-Andersen,  Bonnie Jenks,  Bruce Starbuck, 
Cathy DeLeo,  Chad Abbott,  Cindy Nye,  Dan Swainbank,  Dave Stauffer, 
David Kennedy,  Denise Gebbie,  Dinah Yessne,  Donna Gaston, 
Francis Carlet,  Fritz Fay,  Gary Janssen,  Holly Nolan,  Jay Sprout, 
Jesse Tatum,  Jim Tidyman,  Jody Paine,  Karen Lawson,  Laurie Chaloux, 
Marte Rhodes, Mary Barlow,  Mary Swainbank,  Merle Haskins, 
Patricia Janssen,  Rev. Chris Findlay,  Rev. Jeanette Tweedy, 
Rev. Jerry Piper,  Richard Boisseau,  Rick Stodola,  Rob Balivet,  Roland Blais, 
Ron Noble,  Rose Noble,  Sara Heft,  Susan Aiken,  Ted Merchant,  Tim Ingalls,
Tim McKay, and  Tom Archer.

In Memoriam
NEK Habitat is grateful for the lives of these volunteers who enriched our legacy with the donation of many hours of their time. We fondly remember:

Alan Parker [1952-2016]
Jim Jung [1932-2016]

2018 NEK Habitat Steering Committee

Here is the grand group overseeing 
NEK Habitat operations this year!

Tim McKay

Rose Noble
  St. Johnsbury

Dan Swainbank

Rev. Jay Sprout

Rob Balivet

Beth Williams

Susan Aiken
St. Johnsbury

Patricia Janssen, 
St. Johnsbury

Bruce Starbuck
Ten Years and Growing Stronge r
Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in." [Author Unknown]

If you would like to be a part of the NEK Habitat family by donating goods and services, by supporting our work with your dollars, or by volunteering your time in the office or on a work site, please contact us. Anytime. 802-751-1212.

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