Ten Years: Ten Stories
2007 - 2017
Ten years! Wow. Habitat NEK began meeting at the North Church in St. Johnsbury in the fall of 2007 and from those beginnings, we have repaired nearly 100 houses, built two brand new homes, held yard sales and other fundraisers, opened a ReSale Store...then moved it... and then moved again to our current offices. Lumber, nails, drywall, paint. Lots of it. But most importantly, people. The folks who applied for Habitat help, and the folks who responded to the need. Amazing stories of people who just needed a hand up, of self-sacrificing volunteers who have been with us the whole time. In the coming months, on our Facebook page and through our monthly newsletters, we'll be highlighting these moments and the people who made them happen. In June 2018, we'll come together for a community-wide potluck dinner. You are invited to celebrate with us!
Roy Home
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